23 Dec 2014

Working closely with Realtors in focused territories brings success to WIN franchise owners

The WIN Home Inspection franchise’s approach to territories is carefully designed to help Strategic-Partners begin to succeed on their first day in business. It gives us a huge head start over the franchises that take a more casual approach.

Dennis Lochard, of WIN Twin Peaks in Colorado, explains why he thinks WIN’s unique way of approaching designated territories is superior to other home inspection franchises.

Most home inspection franchises base their territories on an area’s population. If there are enough houses nearby, they assume their franchisees will find enough work. WIN’s approach is much more organized. We award territories based on two pieces of highly relevant and measurable information — how many active real estate agents are in the area, and how many homes are being sold.

There are three significant advantages to our approach.

1. Building relationships: More than three-fourths of home buyers — 77% to be exact — hire an inspector before making their purchase. The vast majority of those home buyers ask their Realtors to give them a reference for a trusted inspector. Real estate agents see tremendous value in inspections. In fact, the National Association of Realtors includes home inspections on its list of the six most important steps a home buyer should take.

WIN’s designated marketing areas are tightly focused on ZIP codes, so you can quickly meet and form close working relationships with the top-performing agents who can provide referrals. WIN’s training teaches Strategic-Partners how to confidently market services to those agents, and their marketing area is designed to make that process efficient.

A WIN Home Inspection franchise grows by becoming part of the team for real estate agents in a given territory.

2. Reducing time in your vehicle: As a WIN Home Inspection franchise owner you are free to perform inspections throughout a metro area, and agent referrals will eventually carry you to every corner of the area. But agents naturally tend to cluster near the places where they sell the most houses. By placing your business in the center of all that market activity, a WIN owner can avoid a lot of unnecessary travel. Instead of wasting time driving, the WIN home inspector can spend more time performing inspections.

Driving a short distance to each inspection instead of going back and forth across town can be the difference between doing two inspections a day or three. WIN’s marketing territories are designed to make you more efficient and profitable and to help you and other WIN Strategic-Partners build the brand together.

3. Enabling teamwork: At WIN, other franchise owners are not your competitors. They are assets who will help you build your business. We don’t market in one another’s territories or encroach on referral networks. Instead, we work together to make each other’s lives easier. Say a Realtor needs a home inspection that can’t be rescheduled, but you have an important family event. Rather than saying “no” and disappointing the agent, or missing the event and disappointing your family, you can ask a fellow WIN operator to handle that inspection. At some point, you can return the favor.

WIN Strategic-Partners cooperate, building our brand by ensuring that inspections stay in the WIN network, that real estate agents are happy and that you can feel free to take time for your family.

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