22 Mar 2017

The WIN Home Inspection business opportunity offers low startup costs, efficient operation and a proven, trusted track record with clients

WIN Home Inspection has what it takes to help you build a trusted, respected home inspection business opportunity that gives buyers confidence when making their decision. Here are five reasons why WIN could be the perfect choice for you:

As a WIN Home Inspection Strategic-Partner, you give home buyers confidence as they make one of the most important decisions of their lives.

1. Systematic, efficient inspection process

Our proprietary software guides you through each home inspection, creating a comprehensive, consistent and timely report to give home buyers peace of mind during the transaction. The process is so efficient that Strategic-Partners (our term for franchisees) can generate the report within 24 hours.

Our business management software makes it easier to deal with production management, client tracking, marketing campaigns and more.

2. Easy to get started

With WIN’s low startup costs and available financing, qualified candidates can get started in the business more easily. The initial startup costs are low, and WIN offers in-house financing to make our low cost franchise even more affordable.

With WIN, you have the opportunity to be an independent business owner while also being part of a strongly branded franchise network.

3. Trust and respect built into the brand

When you start a WIN Home Inspection franchise, our strong brand and positive reputation helps you build credibility and trust with clients right from the beginning.

“I have a firm belief that Americans today are franchise-oriented,” says Mark Steffan, Hendersonville, TN, Strategic-Partner. “People prefer a trusted brand with consistent quality. WIN’s professionalism really makes us stand out.”

4. You can be your own boss…

Owning a WIN franchise offers you independence as well as a proven system as you take on the challenge of growing your home inspection franchise.

“After working as a contractor for a couple years, I saw that it was going to be an uncertain way of making a living; I was always fighting for a new contracting job,” says Mark Slocum, a WIN Strategic-Partner in Aledo, TX. “I decided it was time to look into starting my own business with WIN. You have to get out there and be proactive for your business to grow. While the franchise sells itself, you have to sell yourself, too.”

5. …With a strong support team backing you up

As you grow, there’s always support available when you need it. We have a strong team at WIN’s Home Office dedicated to helping you grow your business. Additionally, our network of Strategic-Partners share knowledge and help each other promote the franchise’s overall success.

WIN’s support network is unparalleled because you can call another inspector or post a question online to have a more experienced inspector give more guidance,” says Slocum. “I like the way WIN treats their people and the way they do business. I haven’t met anyone I haven’t gotten a good feeling from. They provided the needed support from the very first meeting.”