17 Dec 2013

Home inspection franchise uses custom software to make it easier to manage business, impress customers.

WIN Home Inspection is one of the oldest home inspection franchises in the nation, widely considered to be a pioneer in the industry. The national brand started in 1993 and has played a major role in raising the bar for the entire home inspection industry — many consider WIN to be the most advanced home inspection franchisor operating in the United States.

What do we mean by advanced?

WINspect software simplifies the process of providing inspections and compiling information into professional-looking reports that are delivered across multiple platforms.

You don’t have to look any further than WINspect, our proprietary state-of-the-art software platform. WINspect is a crowning jewel in our WIN Home Inspection system. It was considered a big breakthrough for the industry when it debuted in 2001, and we’re committed making sure it stays on the cutting edge.

The market has tried to catch up, and there are now other software options for home inspections, but they often require extensive and confusing setups.

Now in its 13th version, WINspect benefits everyone that comes in contact with it — home inspectors, home buyers, Realtors, industry experts and more. Our Strategic-Partners use it to generate long-style narrative reports that are extremely comprehensive and detailed.

The best part? The software is simple to use and backed by a crackerjack technical support system. WIN home inspectors continually tell us that our narrative reports give them a huge leg up over competitors.

Robert Vierra

“When I first presented our narrative style report, it opened up a lot of eyes,” says Robert Vierra, who owns a 16-year-old WIN Home Inspection franchise in the Monterey, Ca. area. “At first, Realtors were somewhat afraid of it because they thought it contained too much information. But there’s no such thing as too much information if it helps assure a buyer.

“A home inspection is not all about bad information,” Vierra adds. “Our typical narrative report is 30-35 pages long and contains objective information about a house. It’s like a punch list of things that need attention to one degree or another.”

WINspect is designed for tablet and convertible PCs, and the software guides WIN owners through inspection process, providing a system-by-system checklist for homes that enables inspectors to make quick notes as they perform the inspection. Those notes, as well as photos taken by the inspector, then feed into the WIN Home Inspection report, which is delivered to the buyer.

The software allows an inspector to quickly generate the final inspection report — sometimes delivered before the inspector even leaves the home. It also allows WIN owners to generate three versions of the narrative report — a professional-looking printed report, a pdf file, and a cloud-based digital version of the report that customers can access from anywhere by visiting either WIN’s corporate site or the local website of the WIN Strategic-Partner.

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WIN Home Inspection franchise owners receive mobil-optimized websites, which makes it easy for customers to reach you. Excellent software and IT support are among the tools that help WIN owners succeed.