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How Do We Define our Territories?

WIN’s territories are carefully crafted to make your home inspection business easier to market and run

WIN defines its territories differently than most other home inspection franchises — and for good reason. While some franchises award territories based on the overall population of an area, figuring that with enough rooftops, you’re certain to find enough work, we zero in on two highly relevant pieces of data: how many active real estate agents are in an area and how many home transactions are taking place.

The density of real estate agents matters tremendously. Real estate agents serve as the hub for home sales — they are the ones that buyers go to for advice and referrals, and the fastest way to grow your business is to let agents know about the service and professionalism that WIN can provide. To do that, you need to get in front of as many real estate agents as you can, building relationships that will lead to inspections. WIN Strategic-Partners enjoy protected, designated marketing areas in which they build key relationships with other real estate professionals. These marketing territories are drawn based on the number of real estate agents in specific ZIP codes as well as the estimated number of home sales generated by real estate agents who have offices in those specific ZIP codes.

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There are three major advantages:

Building relationships: WIN’s designated marketing areas are tightly focused on ZIP codes where you can quickly meet and earn the trust of dozens of top-performing real estate agents. Since home inspectors rely on referrals, it’s important to build deep bonds with agents and to become a familiar face. WIN’s training will teach you how to market your services to agents, and your marketing area is designed to make the process efficient.

home inspection business vanReducing time in the vehicle: You are free to go anywhere in the metro area to perform an inspection. Real estate agents in your marketing area act as hubs that will eventually carry you to all corners of your metro area, but agents tend to cluster close to the areas where they sell the most homes. By putting your business amid a hotbed of real estate activity, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary travel. Having to drive 15 minutes for each inspection vs. an hour can mean the difference between doing two inspections in a day or three. We want you to make money performing inspections, not burn through gas and time by traversing the city twice a day. Our marketing territories may look smaller than those that other franchises offer, but they are actually designed to make you more efficient and profitable, and help you and other WIN Strategic-Partners build the brand together.

Enabling teamwork: Every city has a lot of homes being sold at any given time, which means there is a lot of work for inspectors. Unfortunately, systems that don’t carefully delineate territories can wind up in a situation where one franchisee is siphoning business away from another. At WIN, other franchise owners are not your competitors — they are assets to your business. We don’t market in one another’s territories or encroach on one another’s referral networks, which means we can work together to make each other’s lives easier. For instance, say you have a real estate agent who needs a home inspection on Friday that can’t be rescheduled, but your daughter’s softball team is in the state championship game. Rather than saying “no” to the agent or missing the big game, you can call your fellow WIN operators and ask someone else to handle that inspection. At some point, they’ll need the same favor. WIN operators cover for one another, ensuring that inspections stay in the WIN network, that agents stay happy and that you can afford to take time for your family and for yourself.

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