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Franchisee Reviews

— Barry Mortensen

“When I first started in the working world, you had maybe two jobs in a lifetime. In today’s circus, nothing is solid. You make your own job, your own benefits. Everything is being pushed back on the worker. WIN makes is possible for you to determine your own future. You work for people that like you and that you like. You deal with people that are really depending on you. I like that it’s a cash business. You don’t have to deal with invoicing and billing. When I’m done with the inspection, I get paid. The cash flow is great.”

— Bert Welsh, Fresno, CA

“I did a business plan and made a three-year projection that figured I’d be getting 30 home inspections a month by Year Three. Well, at 6 months I started getting 30 a month, and I haven’t stopped getting 30 a month since. I’ve jumped far past all my projections for my first year — I’ve actually tripled them. It’s really exciting to be part of a fast-growing business.”

— James Price, Lubbock, TX

— Jim Lochard

“What helped me tremendously is that I had other WIN franchisees all around me. I could pick their brain and ask them questions. I was able to go with them on inspections and get some hands-on training. I earned their trust, and they started referring me to others. I still get a fair amount of business from my fellow franchisees.”

— Dennis Spencer, Santa Cruz, CA

“At WIN, I was on a first-name basis with the entire staff of the company after my first week of training, and it’s been that way for 10 years. They are truly there for you. One of the first things that the president Steve Wadlington does is give you his cell phone number. That floored me. That never happened when I was in Corporate America.”

— Lee Blackstone, Madera, CA

— Mike Stein

“Home inspections are such a critical component of the real estate transaction process and are transitioning from being something home buyers and real estate agents considered optional to mandatory. When you evaluate the number of residential real estate transactions that happen every day, you will find the opportunity is very large.”

— Bill Gray, Phoenix, AZ

— John Strout

“If somebody came to me today and said, ‘Hey, man, I see you driving a big billboard on wheels. What do you think of WIN?’ I’m going to tell you owning WIN is the smartest thing I ever did in my whole life other than marrying my bride. I wish I wouldn’t have waited as long as I did. If you want to be an independent entrepreneur and can follow the playbook — marketing, marketing, marketing and providing premium home inspection service — I’d recommend it to anybody.”

— Dewey Messenger, Vancouver, WA

“Our job is to help protect people from making a bad investment in a home. I enjoy that responsibility. I enjoy being an important person in that person’s life.”

— Mike Hankins, Brentwood, TN

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