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How Do I Get Customers?

WIN’s Marketing Game Plan & Playbook helps you quickly build relationships with real estate agents

The real estate industry is all about working together as a team of professionals — and the real estate agent is the quarterback. In addition to helping a customer find the right home, agents protect their customers’ interests by bringing in other professionals to evaluate the home — a surveyor to confirm property lines, a title company to uncover any hidden liens and insure a sale, a home inspector to provide an evaluation of the property’s current condition.

Top-performing real estate agents want to work with professionals who do a thorough job, provide outstanding customer service and impress their customers. A real estate agent puts their reputation on the line every time they recommend a service provider to a customer. They want to work with polished professionals who work as part of the team to help customers buy the right home.

Bert Welsh, home inspection franchise owner

Bert Welsh

“WIN’s marketing materials are excellent. The training is outstanding,” says Bert Welsh, who started his business near Fresno, CA, in 2009. “WIN showed me how to get past the gatekeepers and how to get into the offices to meet the brokers. If you follow the process WIN sets you up with, it really works. As I learned things, I was able to grow my business in a down market. At this point, I’m in control of my own destiny, and that’s what I was looking for at this point in my life. Owning my franchise makes me part of the community. I know hundreds of people that I didn’t know before in the real estate industry.”

Becoming part of the team

A WIN Home Inspection business grows by becoming part of the team for real estate agents in the territory. WIN owners market to real estate agents in their territory, and our territories are designed to give you plenty of people to work with.

Your relationships with real estate agents will power your business, so it pays to be where they are. WIN owners visit local real estate offices, dropping off brochures and chocolates and sample home inspection reports, making friends and business partners. Our tightly defined territories are part of our marketing strategy, because they focus marketing efforts and allow WIN inspectors to build deep relationships with real estate agents. They also allow WIN owners to work together and leverage their marketing efforts for greater marketing presence. While you are marketing to the real estate agents in your marketing territory, neighboring WIN Strategic-Partners will be doing the same in theirs. That’s how brand recognition is quickly built, leading to more referrals and greater revenue for everyone. At the same time, the carefully designed marketing territories mean that you and other WIN owners won’t be tripping over one another as you build relationships with Realtors. Your real estate agents will take you to all corners of your metro area — you may bump shoulders with another WIN owner from time to time, but it won’t be because you’re competing for the same business.

home inspection franchises mobile website

WIN Strategic-Partners have local mobile sites that are integrated with WINI.com — ensuring that home buyers and real estate agents can reach WIN owners quickly and easily.

WIN’s 90-day Go Plan gives you a roadmap to follow to build relationships quickly. Our training is comprehensive, covering different types of marketing techniques, sales and public relations strategies, target audiences for your messages and ways to clearly differentiate WIN from competitors in your messages. Behind the scenes, WIN provides many other tools that help your business grow, including:

  • Local websites that are customized for your area, optimized for search engines, and fed a steady stream of content, all of which are designed to generate leads for your business.
  • Mobile sites. Your local website is designed to work for smartphone users, giving them the information they need to reach you and book jobs when they are on the go. That’s especially valuable for the real estate agents who bring Strategic-Partners much of their business.
  • Social media marketing support and PR. We provide tools and partners that help you keep your name in front of customers, whether they are on Facebook, Twitter, reading the newspaper or watching the local news.
  • Print on Demand. Franchise owners are able to use proven templates to quickly create custom marketing materials.

Strategic-Partners receive an extensive Marketing Manual that covers all the tools and strategies you can use to grow your business.

We provide a big tool kit. We also make sure you have plenty of places to use it.

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