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How Does Technology Set Us Apart?

A technology pioneer in the property inspection industry

WIN Home Inspection has been a pioneer in the industry. As one of the first professional home inspection franchises in the nation, we grew very quickly after our founding in 1993. The demand for WIN’s thorough and standardized inspections was huge — so huge, in fact, that many of our WIN franchise owners were putting in 12-hour days, spending eight hours a day doing inspections, then another four hours at night writing reports. It was too much.

As always, WIN looked for a better way. Paperwork was slowing down home inspectors, so WIN invested in a new software platform, WINspect, that radically sped up the process of conducting an inspection and providing a finished report. WINspect is designed for tablet and convertible PCs, and the software guides WIN owners through inspection process, providing a system-by-system checklist for homes that enables inspectors to make quick notes as they perform the inspection. Those notes, as well as photos taken by the inspector, then feed into the WIN Home Inspection report, which is delivered to the buyer. The software allows an inspector to quickly generate the final inspection report — sometimes the report is delivered before the inspector even leaves the home!

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The software also helps WIN owners generate three versions of the report — a professional-looking printed report, a pdf file, and an cloud-based digital version of the report that customers can access from anywhere by visiting either WIN’s corporate site or the local website of the WIN Strategic Partner. By delivering the reports in three different forms, we’re able to meet the demands and expectations of all customers.

WIN’s software was a breakthrough for the industry when it debuted in 2001, and WIN has not rested on its laurels. WINspect is now in its 13th version, and the software is continuously improved based on feedback from our owners as well as changes in real estate law.

The market has tried to catch up, and there are now other software options for home inspections, but they often require extensive and confusing setups. WIN owners enjoy software that is simple to use and backed by technical support when they need it.

Other ways WIN uses technology to help its property inspection franchise owners

As great as WINspect is, it’s just one part of a suite of programs that WIN franchise owners enjoy. Home base for all of WIN’s proprietary software is WINbms — a business management system that helps you keep track of your customers as well as the real estate agents with whom you have worked. The database makes it easy to launch print and email marketing campaigns, and track your production so that you can see how your business is performing. WINbms also serves as a hub for other tools, providing you a quick link to WINspect as well as our company intranet, WINnet, which provides our Strategic-Partners an online forum where they can share ideas — challenges, solutions and successful business strategies. Individualized mailboxes also allow one-on-one communication between WIN owners, a news section keeps you up-to-date on the company and the industry, a library serves as a knowledge bank, and search functionality makes answers easy to find.

What if I need help?

WIN Strategic-Partners are trained on all the software we use, and the truth is — we’ve designed it to be very simple so that you can concentrate on running your business, not wrestling with computer programs all day. That said, we realize that any business is likely to have computer troubles from time to time, which is why our technology support manager, Gary Greenberg, also serves as a dedicated IT problem solver for WIN owners — killing off viruses, squashing bugs in other programs you may use, and generally serving as your Mr. Fix It for any technical problems.

“The issues I help solve rarely have anything to do with WIN software,” he says. “It’s usually a virus or problem that creeps up from personal use on the computer they use for work, or the computer they use from home. I get calls when the computer that their kids use for homework gets infected, and help fix it. That’s a huge advantage that WIN offers — they get a dedicated IT professional to help them with any trouble they may be having — and that’s something other home inspectors don’t have.”

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