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Why WIN Home Inspection is a Great Business

A low-cost home inspection business with significant freedom and earning potential

Millions of homes are sold each year. Even during the depths of the recession, nearly 4 million homes a year were sold, and that number climbed to 5,361,000 in 2014. According to the National Association of Realtors, about 77% of homes are professionally inspected. Home inspection is an industry that is worth nearly $1.5 billion a year — with plenty of room to grow.

WIN franchise owners work from home and have very low overhead — not much more than the cost of a vehicle and gasoline, internet and a cell phone. Most are owner-operators, so they don’t have to worry about payroll, hiring, firing or human resources expenses. They keep most of what they earn.

Inspectors also have significant freedom. Of course, to be successful, you have to devote time to performing inspections, and you should expect to work harder during your first few years in business while you build relationships in the real estate community. Open Houses, in particular, offer an important avenue for meeting new agents. Ultimately, though, inspectors enjoy a schedule that often allows them to drop their kids off for school in the morning and spend time with them in the evenings. The schedule is flexible. If you want to spend a Friday in July on the lake with your kids, you can clear some time for your family. It’s up to you.

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How WIN home inspection business owners help one another

WIN home inspectors can easily perform two or three inspections a day, but often the demand for services is greater. In a lot of businesses, that would mean lost opportunity, lost customers and lost repeat business — but WIN home inspectors are Strategic-Partners in the markets they serve. WIN truly is a partnership — we don’t even use the word “franchisee” outside of our Franchise Disclosure Document, because we don’t think it captures the nature of the relationships enjoyed by the people in the company. We work together. If one WIN owner is completely booked on a day when one of their real estate agents needs to schedule a home inspection, they will refer the job to another WIN owner who is available. If you want to take a week off for a family vacation, you can ask other WIN owners to take care of inspection requests for that week. We operate as Strategic-Partners, not as competitors. By working together this way, we ensure that the real estate agents with whom you’ve developed a relationship know they can always turn to you for help. Usually, you’ll be the one to come out to serve them, but occasionally it will be another WIN owner. In either case, they’ll be able to rely on the same exceptional, professional service

The home inspection business is scalable

As your business grows, you may reach a point where you’re looking for more than occasional backup — you’re looking for regular help. Many WIN owners hire other people to help conduct home inspections. Mike Hankins in Brentwood, TN, for instance, has a team of four inspectors who serve about 1,200 customers a year. WIN provides training for new inspectors, ensuring that the customer experience remains consistent, allowing you to grow your reputation, your revenue and your income while also providing excellent jobs in your community.

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