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How the WIN Service Vehicle Makes a Difference

Building a bigger brand by working together

There are many things that differentiate WIN Home Inspection from its competitors in the home inspection industry, but one of the most immediately recognizable differences is our service vehicles. WIN home inspectors arrive at customers’ homes in a white crossover or SUV that features our crisp professional green-and-blue color scheme, our “We See More. Clearly.” slogan, our logo and the owner’s phone number.

Other home inspection franchises don’t require a professional service vehicle. If you have a beat-up pickup truck and a ladder, you can throw a sticker on the side and get right to business. Yes, that’s a little cheaper — but the image it conveys is cheap and unprofessional, and that sort of impression is very costly to a business in the long run.

WIN’s service vehicles are designed to be professional and uniform. There’s two big reasons for that.

Get a WIN vehicle when you buy a home inspection business for sale

1) We want WIN customers to see our inspectors as approachable professionals who are polished and able to answer their questions. First impressions are important to both home buyers and real estate agents, and when our franchise owners pull up to a job, the first impression is of a strong brand that stands behind its work…in a word, “credibility.” The uniform appearance of our service vehicles also means that if you ever need another franchise owner to handle an inspection for you (or vice-versa), you can rest assured that they will have the same professional appearance as you, and deliver the same high-quality inspection service. Our vehicles are also designed to help make us approachable for home buyers, some of whom are intimidated by contractors.

Establishing a strong brand in the home inspection business

WIN vehicles vary, but they all have the same iconic look.

2) WIN service vehicles are rolling billboards for our service — and the more franchise owners that are in an area, the bigger the free advertising effect. Think about brands that let their franchisees slap a sign on any old vehicle — they may have a blue pickup, a red van and yellow hatchback all driving around the same town, but people won’t connect the fact that all three vehicles represent the same brand. By having radically different vehicles on the road, the brand has diluted its marketing power — and that hurts its franchisees. Imagine if UPS drivers used 40 different types of vehicle. Without the big brown truck, would you even notice when UPS was driving past? Of course not. Now think about a market full of WIN service vehicles. Each one has the same look, and as franchise owners travel throughout the city, residents and real estate agents see the WIN vehicles everywhere they look. That’s the kind of marketing power that you get thanks to consistent vehicles and consistent branding. If you’re going to be driving anyway, you might as well drive a billboard that builds your brand.

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