30 May 2017

Getting into the WIN Home Inspection business offers a chance to help home buyers make a very important investment decision

The professionalism, consistency and thoroughness of the WIN Home Inspection process brings home buyers valuable peace of mind during what can be an exciting but uncertain time. Our proprietary software helps inspectors navigate through each inspection systematically. Our consistency and focus on customer service helps make it easier to build referral relationships with local real estate agents and develop a strong home inspection business.

With a WIN Home Inspection business, you can offer peace of mind during an exciting but occasionally hectic time for home buyers.

Our reputation precedes you

As part of a franchise, you have a built-in level of trust and respect right from the start of your new business. Even before you’ve performed your first inspection as a Strategic-Partner (our term for our franchisees), our training and systems ensure you are prepared to deliver a high-quality level of service.

In addition, WIN marketing support and our reputation help make it easier for you to build relationships with real estate agents and other referral sources.

WIN showed me how to get past the gatekeepers and how to get into offices to meet the brokers,” says Bert Welsh, a Strategic-Partner in Fresno, CA. “If you follow the process WIN sets you up with, it really works.”

Our branding and reputation help you earn referrals and build business right from the start.

A support network that keeps the same high standards

By working with other WIN Strategic-Partners, you help protect and strengthen the network’s professional reputation. Franchisees often work together and refer each other in situations where they can’t take on a job themselves, whether they’re planning a vacation or simply have too many jobs that day already.

Our Designated Marketing Areas (DMAs) are carefully designed so Strategic-Partners are close enough to help each other, but the DMAs don’t overlap. That benefits everyone in the WIN community by keeping the relationships between Strategic-Partners cooperative, not competitive.