30 Dec 2015

Home inspections must be done quickly and thoroughly, and they must be easy to understand. WIN delivers on all those criteria.

The real estate industry had a terrific growth year in 2016, and 2017 looks to be even better. This means an increase in the demand for home inspections, which will need to be done quickly, thoroughly, and with results presented in a fashion that potential homeowners can easily understand, says Steve Wadlington, President of WIN Home Inspection.

While quality customer care will always be the No. 1 driver in our business, time and efficiency are equally important to our real estate professionals and their clients. Life moves at a frenetic pace for buyers, sellers and real estate professionals who are in the midst of a transaction. Our WIN Home Inspection franchise business owners have their heads, hearts and hands focused on meeting their needs.

“The trend of life and the pace of our business is rapid-fire, and we have to provide services accordingly,” Steve says. “We must do a home inspection in a fairly narrow window of time, and it has to be done expeditiously. Everyone in the loop has to be informed about the process from beginning to end.”

The WIN Home Inspection franchise was started in order to create a business opportunity that would offer home buyers, sellers and real estate agents a professional, thorough and consistent inspection process. We believe home inspections should provide clarity and confidence, not anxiety. And we believe a strong brand and consistent experience inspire confidence in both real estate agents and home buyers. This leads to WIN home inspection franchise owners earning referrals from agents, which in turn leads to higher revenues and profits.

WINConnecT is an integral part of the real estate transaction process

“One of our ‘WINisms’ is, ‘Early is on time, on time is late, and late is rude.’ If it’s a WIN home inspection, that means your inspector will be on site 10 to 15 minutes in advance of the inspection, period,” Steve says. “We are part of a larger team, and our role is to ensure that our value fits with all other team members in the transaction. We make it our business to be a positive contributor, not a speed bump.”

The WINConnecT content management system provides contact information, scheduling and routing, real estate professional, buyer, seller, and third-party service notices. Pre-visit notification, service agreement processing, third-party contact information, payment, report delivery, customer satisfaction surveys, and post-service follow-up communication are also included. WINConnecT is integrated into the office contact center and offers WIN the ability to handle calls while handling service.

WIN helps simplify the increasingly complex home scenario

From roofs to plumbing to electrical systems, the modern house has more bells and whistles than ever before. Overall, that’s a good thing, but understanding all these systems can be daunting.

“Homes are more complex, and people aren’t as knowledgeable as once were about the functional value of what’s in a home,” Steve says. “When a WIN Strategic-Partner issues a report to a home buyer detailing what they’ve found, it’s always in easy-to-understand, layman’s terms. That will be increasingly important as homes get ‘smarter’ and more complex.”