03 Jun 2014

Jamie Green can barely keep up with the demand for home inspections at his WIN Home Inspection franchise in Northern Indiana

amie Green bought a WIN Home Inspection franchise with a 12-year track record of success in 2013. He says WIN ownership supports his strong commitment to family and meaningful work.

The story of Jamie Green’s purchase of a WIN Home Inspection franchise highlights one of the best kept secrets of owning a WIN business: it’s often possible to buy an existing WIN franchise that’s already a dominant player in an existing market and has an established record of profitability.

Jamie’s first exposure with the WIN Home Inspection occurred when he hired a WIN Strategic-Partner to inspect his own home in 2013. He had a great experience during the home inspection process and was especially impressed with Tim Chesna, the WIN Strategic-Partner who owns a franchise that covers the Highland and Dune territories in Northern Indiana. He remembered the WIN name a little later in the year when he was in the process of selling his the property management business he’d owned for many years.

“I got an offer on my business that was just too good to refuse,” Jamie says. “I knew I wasn’t ready to retire, but I also wasn’t in a hurry to buy something immediately. It had to be the right situation, and I was willing to take my time. I shopped at business broker websites and looked at a lot of options — liquor stores, gas stations, you name it.”

When Jamie, 49, was scanning the business broker websites he randomly came across an ad for an established WIN Home Inspection business for sale in Crown Point, Indiana. He remembered his previous positive experience with WIN and decided to check into the opportunity. Jamie eventually met Charlie Yates, the longtime owner of the Crown Point franchise, and quickly realized buying the franchise wasn’t just a good opportunity, it was a great one.

“Charlie Yates already had a 12-year track record of running a very successful WIN business,” Jamie says. “I knew buying the franchise would be a smart financial decision on my part. It really wasn’t that tough of a decision, but I did have a few things to consider.”

One of the hardest parts of making the decision to buy a WIN Home Inspection franchise was knowing it would be cheaper to purchase a new franchise rather than an existing one with existing customers. Jamie considered several other franchises other than WIN. The learning curve involved in getting all the necessary required home inspection training also concerned him. He’d need to pass state and national home inspection tests.

In the end, Jamie decided the WIN was the best home inspection franchise and the best choice for him.

“I didn’t come directly from the building trades,” Jamie says. “Even though I know it’s not necessary to have that kind of experience to be a successful WIN owner, I knew I’d have to really know what I was doing since Charlie’s WIN business was already busy. I had to be able to hit the ground running.”

One reason why Jamie decided to buy his franchise is because of WIN’s extensive training and support network. Not only did he have backup from the corporate staff, Charlie was willing to help train and mentor Jamie for as long as it took.

“There was definitely a transition period where I had to get up to snuff,” Jamie says. “One of the great things about WIN is how supportive everyone is of one another. Charlie was extremely helpful. He walked me through the home inspection process in a very systematic way. Tim Chesna, a Strategic-Partner with nearby territories, has also been a big help. I call him several times a week.”

“I bought the business in January 2013, and Charlie actually worked for me for a period of time,” Jamie adds. “Everyone at the home office in Alabama was also extremely supportive. Maybe I could have gotten in with other franchises for cheaper, but it would have taken me years to get it to the point where this business already is.”

WIN of Crown Point is currently averaging 10-15 inspections a week. Jamie is in the process of hiring a second inspector and has plans to double his business by adding territories in the next two years. He’s also happy with his choice because it’s benefiting his family.

Amy Green, Jamie’s wife, is helping with administrative duties and he’s enjoying spending more time with his 11-year-old twins, Jillian and Jimmy.

“Typically, franchise owners have a period of time when they can crawl before they walk,” Jamie adds. “I didn’t have that luxury. I was thrown into the fire from Day 1. You know what? I don’t regret it. My phone is ringing off the wall.”

“Owning a WIN franchise gives me some control and flexibility with my schedule,” Jamie adds. “WIN has given me an unexpected new career that supports what’s important to me — family, meaningful work and a chance to build a business that really provides an important, needed service.”