02 Jul 2014

Veteran WIN Home Inspection franchise owners talk about the company’s X-factor

The WIN Home Inspection franchise was launched in 1993 at a time when the typical home inspector was likely to show up in a beat-up truck with a ladder hanging out the back, wearing tattered jeans and a dirty T-shirt, not looking very credible. We were one of the first home inspection franchises, and over the past two decades we’ve grown into a trusted and respected brand that’s widely regarded to be a leader in the industry — one of the very best home inspection franchises in the country. We now have more than 182 franchises in 30 states, and there’s no end in sight for our growth since the demand for home inspections continues to grow nationwide.

Thirty years ago the idea of hiring someone to inspect a home was a new idea, but things have ed radically since then. According to the National Association of Realtors, more than 77% of all home purchases now involve a home inspection. Our Strategic-Partners, many of whom are veterans in the industry, are first-hand witnesses to the explosive growth of the home inspection industry and the rising prominence of the WIN brand.

We asked several of them the question: “Why did you choose the WIN Home Inspection franchise over its competitors? What sets it apart?” Here what a few of WIN’s highest-performing veterans had to say about the brand’s “X-factor.”

Brian Kelley, WIN Home Inspection of Placer, Sacramento and Nevada counties in Central California, says:

It’s their constant dedication to keeping us the best. WIN makes sure they bring every tool to the table they possibly can. WIN is willing to help you grow as much as you can, and they give you the tools to do it. The home office never sits on their hands. They make sure WIN is always at or ahead of where this industry is. The customer can never say, “You guys are behind the times.” Sometimes potential owners get nervous about paying royalties, and I have to say I don’t even look at that part of the business as an issue. WIN provides so much help, and it makes the royalties worth it.

Mark Rathz, who’s WIN Home Inspection franchise in St. Louis, Missouri, has been going strong since 2001 says:

WIN has a strong image: the white vans and consistent marketing are a big asset, because it sets you apart. The training they give is very strong. WIN told me they’d teach me how to do the very best home inspection that can be done, and how to explain it to buyers and agents, and if you can do that, you’re going to get business.

Jim Dainty, a 15-year veteran of the WIN Home Inspection franchise, runs one of the franchise’s most successful units in Cookeville, Tennessee. Here’s what he has to say what sets the WIN apart.

I honestly don’t see anybody that has a more user-friendly report. I was recently able to review another inspector’s report, and I was really struck by how much easier ours is to understand. It’s much more comprehensive, too. WIN’s technology platform, WIN ConnecT is outstanding. I absolutely love it. You hit a button, and your orders are all done — all the emails automatically go out, contracts are signed and the payment is taken care of. It works out really well.

WIN provides a very viable income. Last year I probably took close to a month off as far as vacation time. We took a family vacation to Disney World, and we went on a cruise. When you’re looking at a business or a career, the ability to have that kind of flexibility, and the ability to put your family first, is really a plus.

Dewey Messenger, has owned his WIN Home Inspection in Vancouver, Washington franchise for 12 years. He says:

WIN had a proven track record. When I called people to ask about their experiences, they were all very positive and had good comments. The WIN franchise name and reputation was an added bonus. I heard negative things about some other companies, but not with WIN. Owning my own WIN franchise gives me a sense of pride that no other company could come close to providing.

There are a lot of moving parts behind me — from (WIN president) Steve Wadlington, to (marketing chief) Jimmy (Rocchetta), to (franchiser services manager) Pat (Knight) and (technology support manager) Gary (Greenberg) — all helping me succeed behind the scenes. We have some class acts working for this company. When you see people behind the scenes who are true professionals, that gives you motivation to live up to that reputation and the brand.

Tom Unverzagt has a fast-growing WIN Home Inspection franchise that includes six WIN territories in Suffolk and Nassau counties in the greater New York City area — Valley Stream, Rocky Point, East End, Smithtown, Babylon and Huntington. Here’s what the eight-year veteran of WIN has to say:

They have a great game plan. Everything in it is explained and mapped out for you. I like it that items such as flyers and brochures are included. The training is just so comprehensive. WIN teaches you how to set the stage for your business.

Some people have a misconception and think that when you start a franchise the phone will automatically start ringing. It’s not true. You need to get out there and shake some hands. WIN’s marketing plan really helps you learn to walk the walk when it comes to marketing. It can be hard when you first start, but after you’ve cracked that egg, it becomes old hat pretty quickly.

There’s a lot about home inspection that’s relatively easy. Report writing is easy. The inspection is easy. So much of the job is about how you speak when you are on site and how you sell yourself before you book the job. That’s the more difficult part.