21 Apr 2015

WIN forms tight bonds with real estate groups, which pays big dividends for franchisees

Realtors work hard to deliver professional service, and when they recommend a home inspection service to their clients, they want inspectors who share that commitment to excellence. That’s why Realtors love working with WIN Home Inspection.

It’s a relationship that helps WIN Strategic-Partners build their businesses quickly and keep winning repeat referrals over the years, says James Price, a military veteran who started his WIN Home Inspection franchise in Lubbock, Texas, in 2012. It quickly became one of the fastest-growing franchises in the country.

“WIN gives you the tools to be the most professional home inspector there is. A lot of home inspectors are great at their job technically, but when it comes down to it, Realtors and customers also want someone who knows about customer service,” says James.

“Also, we dress nicely, and we have consistency. Customers will always be greeted by an inspector in a clean shirt, driving a clean vehicle and being professional. There are a lot of small things they make you aware of that take you a long way. If you were on own, you’d have to figure it out on your own — or never figure it out. WIN’s training and systems have helped me get where I am now.”

Building relationships with Realtors is one of the keys to success, and WIN is designed to achieve that goal. WIN’s designated marketing areas are tightly focused on ZIP codes so Strategic-Partners can meet and form close working relationships with Realtors. WIN encourages our Strategic-Partners to reserve time to attend networking events with Realtors where they develop deep, loyal relationships that lead to a steady stream of customer referrals.

“WIN has a marketing plan that has taken me a long way. I followed it to the letter, and it has worked. What’s really been effective for me is going to sales meetings with real estate agents, and I’ve gotten to know the Realtors in my community very well,” says James.

Over the years, the power of those relationships grows. Nearly three-quarters of homebuyers — 73% — say they would definitely use the same real estate agent again, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). That creates even more opportunities to refer business to their local WIN Home Inspection franchise.

Realtors understand that their clients are making the largest financial investment of their lives and deserve professional service. The national median price of a home last year was $208,500, a 5.8% increase over 2013′s average of $197,100, according to the NAR.

Real estate agents know WIN will provide their clients with a professional, thorough and consistent inspection process that accurately assesses the condition of the home and provides clarity and confidence, not stress and anxiety.