25 Mar 2014

Unparalleled training and support helps WIN Home Inspection franchise owners thrive regardless of former careers

It’s one of the most common questions we hear from potential buyers at the WIN Home Inspection franchise. “Do I need a background in home construction or real estate to be a home inspector.

The straightforward answer is no.

Here’s what we know from more than 20 years as the nation’s most advanced home inspection franchise. The most successful WIN Strategic-Partners don’t have one profession in common, but they do display some common traits — a willingness to learn to perform an excellent inspection, a passion for customer service and working with people and a desire to build a strong business.

Some potential owners do come to us from the construction trades, but increasingly we’re seeing a wide variety of careers and trades represented. Successful WIN owners are former salespeople, bankers, restaurateurs, marketing executives, military veterans and software engineers, to name a few. Many find WIN because they’ve always had a desire to own their own businesses. Or they’ve owned businesses before but found themselves lacking the structure and support a well-run franchise can provide.

More often than not, people interested in buying a WIN Home Inspection franchise are searching for a professional discipline that can give them the satisfaction of helping others with a much-needed product or service and a business that can return a healthy profit.

WIN Home Inspection provides both.

Not only that, WIN provides Strategic-Partners with the training and support they need to make successful transitions from former careers — whether it’s that of a soldier, store manager, sales pro or small business owner.

WIN’s offers superior training and support

Performing a great home inspection is an art that includes technical know-how and a willingness to communicate important details to the client in a helpful manner. The goal is to educate and inform, not intimidate.
Our WIN home inspectors succeed because they receive comprehensive training and coaching on all aspects of the trade. They receive a mix of online, classroom and in-the-field training. The online training is a 40-hour course that gives you an introduction to home inspections and the various parts of the home. Franchise owners complete the online courses before coming to WIN’s headquarters in Madison, AL, for two weeks of classroom training and inspection work.

In Alabama, WIN home inspection franchise owners receive a week of classroom training on how to run the business, communicate effectively with customers, work with vendors, analyze prices, learn computer systems, market your business and more. They also receive training focused on how to market themselves at real estate offices and during open houses.

An additional week focuses on the technical aspects of providing a thorough home inspection according to national standards set by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI). The training includes classroom instruction on what to look for in various parts of a home, as well as on-site inspections at a condominium and home in Madison, AL.

We also assist new owners with any state-level certifications they may need to obtain, depending on where they intend to operate their business. WIN offers ongoing support to franchise owners. The home office is available by phone or email to provide guidance and assistance.

WIN Strategic-Partner: ‘The opportunity is really there with WIN Home Inspection’

Dennis Spencer is a good example of a Strategic-Partner who made a career transition to WIN from a career unrelated to construction and real estate. After selling a grocery store he had owned for years, Dennis went back to school for a degree in organizational leadership. He knew he was a “people person,” and he knew he loved leadership. It was just a matter of finding somewhere to apply those passions. When a colleague suggested that he’d be a good fit with the WIN Home Inspection franchise, he decided to check it out.

“I did my research and determined that the opportunity is really there with WIN Home Inspection,” Dennis says. “Ninety-five percent of homes are inspected these days. You still have to work hard, but there’s a lot of room for growth in the home inspections market. This is a people business. It’s all about networking and building your referral base.”

Lee Blackstone, a WIN owner with a highly successful franchise that serves Madera, Merced and Chowchilla, CA, agrees.

“Although having a background in construction can be helpful for some WIN home inspectors, I don’t think it’s necessary,” Lee says. “I am very handy by nature, but I didn’t have a construction background. I actually think having a construction background can sometimes be a hindrance because you can get too technical.”

WIN Home Inspection started in the Pacific Northwest in 1993 and has grown to more than 170 franchises in 27 states. It is one of the fastest-growing home inspection franchises in the country and is ranked as a top franchise opportunity by “Entrepreneur” magazine and by G.I. Jobs.