07 Jul 2017

Home inspection marketing territories set up franchisees to work together, not compete against each other

Many factors go into defining the optimal WIN Home Inspection marketing territories for our franchisees, such as the concentration of real estate agents and the number of transactions they perform.

At WIN, we grant our territories a little differently. We offer our franchisees and prospects exclusive WIN Home Inspection marketing territories, called Designated Marketing Areas (DMAs). This makes us unique, as not all home inspection franchises do this. With some other franchise brands, franchisees may have to compete with each other. However, at WIN we call our franchisees “Strategic-Partners” and encourage our network to work together to help grow the business.

Our exclusive territory DMAs allow each WIN franchisee to market and grow their own business, while also building the brand. While a requested inspection may take a franchisee out of their DMA to best serve the client, owners only market to real estate agents and other referral sources within their own DMA.


“At WIN, we know together we are stronger and we use our brand to grow each DMA and our overall business,” said Steve Wadlington, WIN President. “We don’t compete with one another, we support one another.”

DMA development

We define our DMAs by going beyond just the number of homes or people in an area.

“Before we sign on a new Strategic-Partner, we take time to understand where they live, what their region is like so we can better shape their DMA to their unique needs,” Wadlington said. “There’s a couple of different factors involved with that, including existing franchisees in the area, what ZIP codes are available, the concentration of real estate agents and the amount of transactions they perform.”

Partners, not competitors

In areas with multiple franchisees, brand presence is greatly increased and marketing becomes easier. WIN vehicles act as rolling billboards.

With exclusive territories, WIN franchisees act as partners, building the brand together. They help each other by sharing advice and taking on jobs when one franchisee has a scheduling conflict. That prevents them from having to turn down referrals from real estate agents when they already have another job, a vacation or any other conflict.

“Even though there are three independently owned offices here in Middle Tennessee, there’s not a sense of competition, there’s a sense that we’re really one company and we’re doing our best to present ourselves consistently across the board,” said Mike Hankins, a multi-territory WIN franchisee covering the Nashville, TN, area. “We do a good job of making sure that the work product that the client receives and the marketing efforts that the agents see from us are very consistent.”

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