09 Oct 2014

As Baby Boomers retire in large numbers, WIN Home Inspection franchise welcomes owners in their 20s, 30s and 40s


Baby Boomers built the real estate industry over the past 20 years, and now they are starting to retire in large numbers. That’s great for them — and it also creates a great opportunity for younger home inspectors who are younger than 45. The wave of retirements means new home inspectors can grab market share and build their own businesses, which is why the WIN Home Inspection franchise is excited to see a sharp rise in franchise ownership by a younger generation of Strategic-Partners — many of whom are experiencing substantial success.

At WIN, we’re continuing to see an influx of GenX and Millennial generation applicants. There is more and more room for them in the industry, and we don’t expect the pipeline to fill up — Baby Boomers have only just begun to retire.

According to the financial education website Investopedia, 60% of real estate professionals, which include realtors, appraisers and inspectors, are older than 45.

Here are three WIN Strategic-Partners who represent the new generation of WIN Home Inspection franchise owners. All of them have been open for business for about two years, and all are succeeding beautifully.

Brian Fish

Brian Fish, who owns a WIN Home Inspection franchise in Mount Vernon, Washington, is the perfect example of this next generation of Strategic-Partners. Fish found WIN Home Inspection after becoming discouraged with the banking profession during the Great Recession.

“I was a bank manager for Bank of America, but I didn’t feel like the outlook was very promising,” Brian says.

Before becoming a banker, Fish had been an electrician in the U.S. Navy, so he started looking for business opportunities that required some technical know-how and would allow him to interact with customers.

“WIN’s veteran-friendly policies impressed me, and at the same time I was really drawn to WIN’s values,” the 38-year-old says. “WIN was an easy standout. I really like their emphasis on continuing education and customer service, and I find them to be the most advanced home inspection franchise in terms of technology, training and marketing.”

George Gaves

George Gaves, 40, is also among the new generation of WIN Home Inspection franchise owners. George launched his WIN business in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 2012. A little more than a year later, he won WIN’s annual Customer Satisfaction Award at the company’s 2014 conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. George earned the highest approval rating of any single-unit franchise owner — a near-perfect 98%. He’s on track for a similar result in 2014 and has doubled his business in the past year.

“Buying a WIN Home Inspection franchise really made a whole lot of sense, even though it cost a little more to get it started,“ George says. “There were only a couple of other franchises in Michigan, so that was a plus. But it was more than that. WIN feels like it’s a cut above the competitors.

“WIN thinks about the presentation side of things,” George adds. “For example, they are the only one that required a service vehicle. It made sense to me from a customer service perspective. Showing up to the job with a branded vehicle and wearing professional WIN attire is going to work in my favor. It’s a no-brainer.”’

Although he considered purchasing other national home inspection franchises, George says WIN stood out as the most advanced and professional franchise of its kind. He was particularly attracted to WIN’s emphasis on customer service and professionalism. He was also impressed with his fellow WIN Home Inspection owners’ willingness to offer advice, education and support.

James Price

James Price is among the youngest WIN Home Inspection franchise owners. The 27-year-old military veteran discovered WIN while researching business opportunities through VetFran, a strategic outreach initiative sponsored by the International Franchise Association. James launched his WIN Home Inspection franchise in 2012, just as his stint in the National Guard was ending.

“I looked into franchising because I wanted to be part of a proven system and have some support, and I looked at a few different businesses — an ATM business, a restaurant,” James says. “My overall goal was to start a small business, and I knew I didn’t want to take out a $250,000 loan to do it, so I was looking for great businesses with an investment of less than $100,000. As I was searching for opportunities, I found WIN, which has a low startup fee. Then I found out that WIN does something very special for veterans through their WIN for America program. I decided to apply and got a big discount. I put together a business plan, got a bank loan, got training and got started!”

“It’s really exciting to be part of a fast-growing business,” James adds. “It has challenges, too. A business that grows very fast is almost as hard as a business that doesn’t grow at all — sometimes I feel like I have enough work for 10 people, and so I’m already thinking about hiring employees.”

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The WIN Home Inspection franchise provides extensive training to help Strategic-Partners understand the technical skills needed to be great home inspectors. Many consider WIN to be one of the best home inspection franchise opportunities on the market.