01 May 2014

Bill Gray builds trust in his growing WIN Home Inspection franchise with educational marketing

Bill Gray’s WIN Home Inspection franchise in the Phoenix, AZ, region has grown 235% in the past three years.

When Bill Gray purchased a WIN Home Inspection business in 2010, he concluded that WIN was the best home inspection franchise opportunity on the market. Judging from the growth of his WIN franchise and his growing reputation as an industry expert, Bill made the right choice.

Case in point: Bill is a featured author in “Why It’s Important to Improve the Value of Your Home,” a book released by Benchmark Publishing Group in April 2014. The book, a compilation of interviews with housing industry experts, is available on Amazon.com and other book distribution centers.

Bill weighs in as a home inspection expert in the 103-page publication. He writes about what a home inspection is and is not, how homebuyers can prepare for and select a home inspector, and what sellers need to know about home inspections. Other contributions in the book come from skilled professionals in the real estate and home improvement industries — appraisers, electricians, designers, real estate brokers and more.

Reaching out to the consumer with useful, educational materials such as “Why It’s Important to Improve the Value of Your Home” is just one way Bill markets his fast-growing franchise. He is also focused on increasing the territorial reach of his business and on adding skilled home inspectors to his Phoenix-area team.

“My WIN Home Inspection franchise has grown 235% the past three years, and the outlook is for more robust growth,” Bill says. “I now own two territories and have hired two additional home inspectors. Among the three of us, we are able to handle a client’s inspection request typically the next or second day. Timely response to client needs is critical for success in the home inspection business.”

Before he started his WIN Home Inspection business, Bill had two flourishing careers under his belt. He logged more than 5,000 hours flying into hurricanes and active weather systems as a Master Navigator in the United States Air Force. After his retirement from the military, he enjoyed a successful executive career in medical device sales and was responsible for millions of dollars in increased sales for the companies he worked with.

“I don’t define success as just keeping a job, but staying continually motivated to set and reach personal and business goals,” Bill says. “I believe in the strength of a plan. Create a plan, work the plan and don’t give up. At first, there will be frustrations. You have to be persistent and realize it does take time. Real success is not an accident.”

Jimmy Rocchetta, Marketing Director of WIN Home Inspection franchise, says Bill exemplifies a crop of ambitious new Strategic-Partners, many of whom are growing their businesses into multi-unit franchises and using marketing based in education and outreach to get the word out about their services.

“Like most successful Strategic-Partners at WIN Home Inspection, Bill uses of all the tools at his disposal to grow his business,” Jimmy says. “He has very high standards and takes advantage of the support and resources WIN offers. Bill executes his own creative marketing ideas. We are thrilled to see results of his hard work.”

Bert Welsh is another example of a Strategic-Partner thinking outside the box when it comes to marketing. His monthly TV show, “Ask the Home Inspector,” debuted in January on KAIL TV, a VHF channel popular in the Fresno area. Robert Vierra, a highly successful Strategic-Partner in Monterey/Hollister, CA, acts as a frontman for events sponsored by a local real estate association. Robert bought a wireless amplifier with a microphone and actually became the emcee for a lot of the group’s events — chili cookoffs, golf tournaments and fashion shows.

“It’s worked really well,” Robert says. “I’m always in front of people, which is good for my franchise.”

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The WIN Home Inspection franchise provides extensive training to help Strategic-Partners understand the technical skills needed to be great home inspectors. Many consider WIN to be one of the best home inspection franchise opportunities on the market.