11 Mar 2014

Baby Boomer retirements creating big opportunities for new home inspectors with WIN Home Inspection franchise

Baby Boomer retirements are creating a big opportunity for new home inspectors like Brian Fish, owner of WIN Home Inspection franchise.

Baby Boomers built the home inspection industry over the past 20 years, and now they are starting to retire in large numbers. That’s great for them — and it also creates a great opportunity for younger home inspectors. The wave of retirements is creating an opportunity for new home inspectors to grab market share and build their own businesses, which is why the WIN Home Inspection franchise is excited to see a sharp rise in franchise ownership from a younger generation of Strategic-Partners — many of whom are experiencing substantial success.

Brian Fish, who owns a WIN Home Inspection franchise in Mount Vernon, WA, is the perfect example of this “next generation” of Strategic-Partners. Fish found WIN Home inspection after becoming discouraged with the banking profession during the Great Recession.

“I was a bank manager for Bank of America, but I didn’t feel like the outlook was very promising,” Brian says.

Before becoming a banker, Fish has been an electrician in the Navy, so he started looking for business opportunities that required some technical know-how and would allow him to interact with customers.

Brian became interested in our franchise after a WIN home inspector performed an inspection on his home. He began doing research on the home inspection industry in general and WIN specifically, and he was impressed.

“WIN’s veteran-friendly policies impressed me, and at the same time I was really drawn to WIN’s values,” Brian says. “WIN was an easy standout. I really like their emphasis on continuing education and customer service, and I find them to be the most advanced home inspection franchise in terms of technology, training and marketing.”

Brian says WIN was an easy choice.


“WIN is large enough to have a good market presence but small enough to really care about you on an individual level,” he says. “When going through the process of becoming an S-P, they took the time to get to know me and my goals and not only ensured I was a fit for WIN, but that I had what it takes to build a successful business.”

WIN also involved his wife in the decision-making process, and Brian loved that the company’s president and CEO were available to talk at any time. “That spoke volumes to me,” he says.

Brian purchased his first WIN territory in mid-2012, and it didn’t take his franchise long to turn a profit. He recently won a President’s Circle award at our annual conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Jan. 23-26. The award is given WIN’s highest performing Strategic-Partners.

In 2013, Brian completed 386 home inspections and saw his business double. In October 2013, he purchased a second territory in Whatcom County, WA, which is adjacent to his current franchise in Mount Vernon.

Brian plans to hire a second home inspector as part of his expansion, and he’s proud of his fast-growing franchise’s ability to make a name for itself, even amid competition.

“I am definitely the new guy on the block,” Brian says. “There are a lot of long-term inspectors here who’ve been inspecting homes for a very long time. The business doesn’t just build itself; I have to get out there and break ground with customers.

“Despite the competition, my business is growing because WIN offers a superior service and value. I work hard on building relationships, and I relate to my customers on a personal level. I make sure I don’t give a customer a ‘cookie cutter” experience.”