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WIN Home Inspection vs. AmeriSpec Franchise

If you are considering a business like an AmeriSpec franchise, it pays to shop around

Entrepreneurs searching for great low-investment home-based businesses are increasingly focusing on home inspection franchises, and for good reason. Home inspection franchises proved to be extremely durable even in the midst of the Great Recession. The same can’t be said for independent home inspectors, whose lack of systems and support left them exposed. With a lot of competitors gone, and with the housing market making a strong recovery, WIN Home Inspection franchise owners have been grabbing market share. The system’s overall revenues increased by 35% from 2010 to 2012.

Of course, in any good market, there are going to be competitors. Here’s a look at how WIN’s investment compared to the AmeriSpec franchise, one of our competitors, and some of the key differentiators between the two brands.

Total U.S. units*176*208*
Liquid capital required$20,000$10,000-$15,000
Total investment$32,900-$53,500 $44,900-$76,800
Exclusive territoriesYesNo
Franchise fee$17,000-$27,000$16,150-$45,900*

Sources: FDDs, Entrpreneur.com
* As reported by Entrepreneur.com on January 8, 2014.   

4 Reasons Anyone Thinking about a Home Inspection Franchise Should Look at WIN Home Inspection

Exclusive territories. WIN Home Inspection franchise owners enjoy exclusive DMAs — designated marketing areas. It’s a very different approach to designing the territory, which is based on a simple truth of the home inspection industry: Most of your job referrals will come from real estate agents, so cultivating strong relationships with agents is the best way to grow your business. WIN’s designated market areas are designed to provide you a dense population of working real estate agents, as well as an abundance of existing home sales. This allows you exclusive marketing rights to the agents who will provide most of your business, and keep most of your inspections in close proximity. Net: more time making money doing inspections, less time driving from job to job, and no competition from within. The DMAs enable WIN owners to work side-by-side as Strategic-Partners without competing for the same referral sources and the same jobs. Rather than seeing each other as competitors, WIN owners see each other as true Strategic-Partners who support each other’s businesses and add to the power of the brand.

WIN-and-RealtorsStrong branding. Real estate agents know that when they work with WIN, their clients will receive professional, courteous service from a uniformed inspector who arrives in a non-threatening vehicle and follows a well-defined system. WIN sets itself apart in several ways. First, it uses vehicles as a strong part of its branding. While other franchises will just slap a sticker on the side of a pickup, WIN Strategic-Partners drive white crossovers or SUVs that feature our crisp professional green-and-blue color scheme, our “We See More. Clearly.” slogan, our logo and the owner’s phone number and website. It’s an immediately recognizable vehicle, and becomes a rolling billboard and effective advertisement for your business and the brand. And the more WIN operators in an area, the bigger the impact, and the more everyone WINs!

WIN’s home inspection software guides inspectors through an efficient and thorough process that helps owners quickly generate a consistent, smartly formatted inspection report. Both home buyers and their real estate agents enjoy easy to read “need-to-know” important information, provided as a printed report, a pdf, and a cloud-based version.



Innovation. WIN Home Inspection was a pioneer in developing home inspection software to make home inspectors’ jobs easier and more efficient, allowing them to generate more revenues while working fewer hours. The software was a breakthrough for the industry when it debuted in 2001, and WIN has continued to improve it, having recently released version 13 of the software.

Proven leadership. WIN Home Inspection President Steve Wadlington has 25-plus years of experience in franchising and 15 plus years in the home inspection industry. He has led WIN since 2007, and previously led AmeriSpec, where he was chief operations officer.

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