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Offer 35+ essential services to clients with our in-house training provided at no additional cost

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Utilize our end-to-end marketing platform to grow your business to the scale you want

Exceptional and Prompt Support

Run your business with confidence with the largest team to support every aspect of your business


Streamline sales and delight clients with innovations that far exceed other home inspection franchises

WIN Home Inspection Offers a Top-Rated Franchise Opportunity to Entrepreneurs Nationwide

“WIN does really good technical and business training. They make sure you have the tools, knowledge, CE credits, ongoing training, and insurance you need. I’m proud to be a part of WIN!

Randy Manning Headshot
Randy Manning

WIN Strategic Partner | Georgia

WIN Franchise Owners with their Vehicles

WIN is the #1 Ranked and Fastest-Growing
Home Inspection Franchise in the U.S. 

Team at WIN Get-together

“What sets WIN apart from other franchises in the industry is the family feel. It makes the opportunity very inviting, especially for someone like me who’s making a huge transition in life.”

Matthew Brophy Headshot
Matthew Brophy

WIN Strategic Partner | South Carolina

Join the Franchise That Treats You Like Family

Team at WIN Get-together

Grow Your Business with the Flexibility You Deserve

WIN Home Inspection Franchise Owners

You have goals and aspirations, and joining the right franchise will bring you closer to achieving those goals. With our unique home inspection franchise opportunity and state-of-the-art technology, you can scale your business how you want to. Whether you wish to operate as a sole inspector or grow your team, be a family-owned business, or expand into multiple locations, we’ve got your back and the support team to help you do just that. You’ll be able to gain new clients and real estate agents year-round with our innovative marketing and operate your business efficiently with our extensive playbook.

WIN Home Inspection Franchise Owners

“WIN has supported me every step of the way. They are always just a phone call away and have supported me with many of the initiatives I’ve wanted to try with my business. I can always come to the GO Team with an idea, and they help me run with it.”

Brian Fish Headshot
Brian Fish

WIN Strategic Partner | Washington

$ 100

Average Gross Revenue

5x higher than the average earnings of home inspectors in the US

† As reported in Item 19 of our 2023 Franchise Disclosure Document. Average revenue for stores in their third full year or older of operations.

WIN Offers a Low-Cost, High-Margin Franchise Opportunity in a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

With our affordable franchise opportunity, you can turn your dream of owning your own business into a reality. With the largest support team by your side and more than 35 in-house certifications for essential home inspection services, you can be a one-stop shop for clients and stand out in your community with a highly differentiated business model.

† As reported in Item 19 of our 2023 Franchise Disclosure Document. Average revenue for stores in their third full year or older of operations.

Entrepreneurs are Building Successful
Home Inspection Businesses with WIN

Multi-Faceted Training Program

End-to-end Marketing Platform

Largest Support Team

Innovative Tools and Technology

Culture of Camaraderie

Multi-Faceted Training Program

Learn How to Build a Successful Home Inspection Business Through Our Extensive Training Program

Our training program is called a bootcamp for a reason as it is the most extensive training program in the industry, comprising online, field and classroom training that exceeds industry standards to help you build the technical and business skills you need to succeed.

  • 400+ hours of virtual, in-person and on-the-job training with ongoing support.
  • In-house training and certifications for 35+ essential home inspection services.
  • In-house training approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC).
Learn About Our In-House Training

End-to-end Marketing Platform

Utilize the Only End-to-end Marketing Support to Generate New Business Year-Round

As a WIN Strategic Partner, grow your business with the most innovative franchise marketing program and leverage the national reputation of WIN as a trusted brand among homeowners, home buyers, sellers and real estate agents.

  • We’ll help you run effective grassroots marketing campaigns to build trust in your community.
  • You’ll receive automated leads with our proprietary digital marketing programs such as W-PASS.
  • With innovations such as WIN Canvas, you’ll have on-demand access to customized digital and print marketing collateral, email campaigns, and social media posts.
Explore Our End-to-end Marketing

Largest Support Team

Gain Peace of Mind with Support from the Largest In-House Team

We provide the most extensive in-house support to our franchise owners thereby eliminating additional costs. As such, we have the largest support team in the industry comprising trainers, business coaches, marketers and technologists to help you with virtually every aspect of your business.

  • No prior experience required– all you need is passion and a willingness to learn!
  • Receive ongoing coaching to help you build your business with confidence.
  • Extensive resources available for you to continue your growth and development including the WIN Learning System (WLS), digital and print marketing collateral, and proprietary tools and systems.
View the Largest Support Team

Innovative Tools and Technology

Delight Your Clients with Highly Innovative and Proprietary Tools and Technologies

You’ll benefit from our ongoing investments in technology, which allows you to offer a diversified portfolio of services to clients year-round. Our franchise owners utilize our innovative services to stand out, build lasting relationships, and grow their businesses. For example:

  • Training for innovative services including WIN360 3D Virtual Tours, Drone Roof Inspections, and Sewer Scope Inspections.
  • Full access to proprietary software and systems including WIN Concierge Program, WIN Appliance Recall (WRS) and Real Estate Dashboard (RED).
  • AI-Driven Cloud Services to delight clients and help you run your business with ease.
View Our Innovative Technology

Culture of Camaraderie

Engage in a Culture of Camaraderie Like No Other

When you join WIN, you become our Strategic Partner (SP) and a part of our nationwide, yet close-knit family. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded business owners, who continue to learn and grow together. As a new Strategic Partner, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how your fellow SPs freely share best practices and remain vested in your growth and success.

  • Our franchise owners come from diverse backgrounds including business, military, and skilled trades.
  • The WIN Family is extensive, comprising 240+ Strategic Partners and 50+ support staff.
  • Participate in in-depth discussions with fellow SPs about virtually every aspect of your business.
Engage in Our Culture of Camaraderie

WIN is One of the Best Franchises for Veterans

Veteran friendly home inspection franchise
36%Franchise Owners are
Veterans and First Responders
Best Franchises For Veterans

“When looking into different home inspection franchises, WIN was the most veteran-friendly franchise I’ve come across.”

Brad Shoultes Headshot
Brad Shoultes

WIN Strategic Partner | Michigan

Start a WIN Franchise in

6 Simple Steps

We strive to make sure our franchise owners love what they do and achieve their personal and professional goals. That’s why we’ve created a thorough process that allows us to get to know you better, understand your background and learn your goals as well as share the WIN brand, level of support you’ll receive, and what makes us one of the top franchises to own.


Tell Us About You

Submit an interest form to kick
off the conversation and share
your personal and professional


Learn About Our Unique Support Model

Schedule an intro call with one of our franchise advocates to learn about the opportunity and see if we're a mutual fit.


Visualize Your Path to Success

Continue the conversation with us and learn more about the significant investments we make and commitment we have to the success of our Strategic Partners.


Review Your Marketing Area

Discuss and finalize your unique marketing area within your community.


Finalization Stage

Review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and complete a routine background and credit check.


Welcome to the WIN Family!

Sign the Franchise Agreement, meet the largest support team and begin the onboarding process.

WIN is the Only Home Inspection Franchise with Training Approved in Texas 

TREC Approved Training

WIN is at the top of the best franchises to own in Texas because we are the only home inspection company approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) for training and licensing. Moreover, our fast and seamless training and licensing process is at no additional cost to franchise owners.  

TREC Approved Training

Hear from Our Franchise Owners What Makes WIN
One of the Best Franchises to Own

Frequently Asked Questions

Franchising is a business model that offers a way for aspiring entrepreneurs to start a business without taking excessive risks. It involves a mutual agreement between two parties: the franchisee (the entrepreneur) and the franchisor (the established company). As part of this partnership, the franchisee gains the opportunity to start and grow a business using the franchisor’s brand and proven business model. On the other hand, the franchisor benefits by expanding their brand’s reach and market presence without the need to manage new markets directly.

Franchising is the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to start their own business and be their own boss but seek the structure, support and success of an established brand. There are many benefits of franchising including association with a trusted brand, access to marketing support, and the ability to learn from industry experts and peers.

If you’re interested in joining a franchise, you should carefully consider a range of factors to accurately assess its value. The initial investment is important to consider as it represents the upfront cost to you, including the franchise fee and other startup costs. Be sure to ask the franchise system what these other startup costs include, keeping in mind the potential of hidden costs for things like marketing, training or outside support. Franchises with a comprehensive support structure, like WIN Home Inspection, offer entrepreneurs like you more value in starting a business because we include essential programs, training, and support needed to succeed. Ongoing royalty fees are a recurring cost that’s typically a set percentage of the gross sales. Consider these recurring costs when evaluating a franchise. It is also important to assess the level of support the franchisor offers, ranging from training and business operations to marketing and growth strategies. While this support may seem simple enough, quality support for virtually every aspect of your business can make investing in a franchise a strategic move on your part. Additionally, the growth potential of the business, which includes the market demand, competitive landscape, and economic trends, is another crucial aspect to consider and an area of business where a franchise can add a lot of value. Lastly, consider the brand you’d be investing in, taking into consideration the business model, client base, years in business, and reputation. Very well-known franchises, like fast-food chains, can provide immediate customer recognition and trust, but this might come with a higher cost. By taking these factors into consideration, you can decide if the franchise is the right investment for you.

Looking to learn more about how you can build a low-cost, high-margin business backed by the largest support team with no hidden costs? Talk with one of our on-call franchise advocates, today!

There are several steps that you need to take to become a home inspector including choosing a business structure, registering your business, acquiring the necessary education and certifications, getting your license (if required by the state), and launching your business. When choosing a business structure, you can start a home inspection business either as a franchise owner or as an independent inspector. Starting your business independently will require doing everything on your own with virtually no support, learning from your failures and successes. However, many entrepreneurs are drawn to franchising as it offers them an opportunity to run their own business and backed by a proven business model. If you’re looking to start a home inspection business, you should consider starting a franchise business with WIN Home Inspection, the #1 ranked home inspection franchise in the U.S. by Entrepreneur. By starting your home inspection business as a franchise with WIN, you’ll have the largest support team in the industry by your side, along with state-of-the-art technology, and the most extensive training and marketing support in the home inspection industry. Click here to learn more or contact WIN at (800) 967-8127 or franchising@wini.com

Starting a home inspection business offers numerous advantages for entrepreneurs. First, there is a growing demand for home inspectors as buyers and sellers recognize the importance of thorough property assessments. Additionally, starting a home inspection business requires a relatively low upfront investment compared to many other ventures, making it an affordable business opportunity for entrepreneurs. Furthermore, home inspection services often yield high-profit margins, helping entrepreneurs generate income with each inspection.

The home inspection industry is considered evergreen, meaning it remains in demand regardless of economic fluctuations. People will continue to buy and sell properties, making home inspection essential and offering long-term stability and growth potential for entrepreneurs. Running a home inspection business also provides personal flexibility so you can live the life you want while creating a legacy.

While entrepreneurs can start a home inspection business as an independent or buy a franchise, opting for a home inspection franchise brings numerous advantages. These include an established brand name and reputation, a proven system and business model, reduced risk, training and marketing support, and ongoing support from the franchisor. If you start your home inspection business with WIN, you’ll have the largest support team in the industry by your side, along with state-of-the-art technology, and the most extensive training and marketing support. To learn more, you can contact WIN at (800) 967-8127 or franchising@wini.com.

Owning a home inspection franchise with WIN Home Inspection can be a rewarding and profitable venture with no hidden costs. Investing in a WIN Home Inspection franchise includes the initial franchise fee, equipment cost, marketing and training costs, insurance premiums, and additional funds for various purposes. At WIN, the initial investment to own a home inspection franchise typically ranges between $42,995 and $57,450. This comprehensive range covers all the necessary expenses involved in setting up your franchise. Moreover, WIN Home Inspection proudly offers a 20% discount to Veterans and First Responders as a token of gratitude and appreciation for their service. Click here to get a detailed breakdown and learn more about the investment required for owning a WIN Home Inspection franchise.

A WIN Home Inspection franchise owner can make a generous income, with the average gross revenue standing at $246,296 in 2022 (FDD 2023), approximately five times the average earnings of home inspectors in the U.S. However, it’s important to understand that these earnings can vary depending on several factors, including the location, owner’s experience level, number of available inspection slots in the schedule, and the price charged for each inspection. Despite these variables, WIN Home Inspection franchise owners have demonstrated the potential to earn significantly more than their industry counterparts by offering the widest range of essential services to clients, helping them generate steady income year-round. Owning a WIN franchise can be a lucrative business move, providing opportunities for substantial income while offering crucial services to home buyers, sellers, homeowners, and real estate agents in their community.

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