WIN Home Inspection is a national brand in the home inspection industry that provides unparalleled support.


Best in class, proprietary training program


Cutting-edge multifaceted marketing program


Community built on 
mutual respect, integrity, and caring

Hear what current WIN Home Inspection Strategic Partners have to say

Testimonials from our Strategic Partners

There’s a lot of growth opportunity, and they’re very focused on growing the brand and growing the Strategic Partners, and really reaching out to us on an individual level to see what our feelings are and what we think might be proactive to help grow the WIN brand and move it forward for the next 25 years

Brian F.

The WIN Way has backed it up, every way they’ve trained us, every way that they’ve implemented their business plan in the local areas with their Strategic Partners, and I’ve found it’s really the best way to serve our local community. I really feel like WIN backs up the slogan that “We See More. Clearly.”, and that starts from day one with the amount of training that they provide their franchisees.

Tripp G.

WIN does really good technical and business training. The independent inspectors don’t have that level of training. You also have a large national company backing you up and making sure you have the tools, knowledge, CE credits, ongoing training, and insurance you need. I’m proud to be a part of a franchise.

Randy M.

Being with WIN gives you a step above other people because WIN is nationally known and they make you strive to be the best. We have to do furthering education and you have a support team behind you. That gives us an edge above a lot of independent companies.

Ceneita G

After researching it, I just loved what WIN stood for from top to bottom. The integrity of the company, everybody I spoke with. My husband and I had been looking to buy a franchise, some type of business on our own. We couldn’t find anything that we thought fit our values, and when this opportunity just out of the blue came along, it fit.

Erica M.

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  • Best-in-class coaching to help you succeed without prior industry experience
  • Proprietary, 360 degree training program
  • Cutting-edge multifaceted marketing program
  • Extensive network of mentors and peers
  • A team vested in your success, your “Go Team”
  • Generous discounts for our Veterans
  • Financing options available
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