February 23, 2023

WIN franchise owners succeed by working closely with Realtors in focused territories. WIN Home Inspection franchise’s approach to territories is carefully designed to help franchise owners (known as Strategic Partners or SPs) grow since the launch of their business.  

Most home inspection franchises base their territories on an area’s population. If there are enough houses nearby, they assume their business will succeed. WIN’s approach is much more organized. We award territories based on two pieces of highly relevant and measurable information — the number of active real estate agents in the area and the number of homes being sold. 

home inspector inspecting a home

There are three significant advantages to our approach – 

  1. Building relationships: 88% of home buyers hire an inspector before making their purchase. Most of those home buyers ask their Realtors to refer them to a trusted inspector. Real estate agents see tremendous value in inspections. In fact, the National Association of Realtors includes home inspections on its list of the six most important steps a home buyer should take.

WIN Home Inspector

WIN’s designated marketing areas (DMAs) are tightly focused on ZIP codes, so you can quickly meet and form close working relationships with the top-performing agents who can provide referrals. WIN trains Strategic Partners on how to confidently market services to those agents, and their marketing area is designed to make that process efficient. 

  1. Reducing travel time: As a WIN Home Inspection franchise owner, you are free to perform inspections throughout a metro area, and agent referrals will eventually carry you to every corner of the area. But agents naturally tend to cluster near places where they sell the most houses. By placing your business in the center of all that market activity, a WIN franchise owner can avoid a lot of unnecessary travel. Instead of wasting time driving, the home inspector can spend more time performing inspections.
  2. Enabling teamwork: At WIN, other franchise owners are not your competitors. They are the assets who will help you build your business. We work together to make each other’s lives easier. Say a Realtor needs a home inspection that can’t be rescheduled, but you have an important family event. Rather than saying “no” and disappointing the agent, or missing the event and disappointing your family, you can ask a fellow WIN SP to handle that inspection. At some point, you can return the favor.


WIN Strategic Partners cooperate and build the brand by ensuring that inspections stay in the WIN network, that real estate agents are happy, and that you can feel free to take time off for your family. 

Growing your business with referrals from real estate agents 

Real estate agents are a significant way our franchisees earn referrals and new business. Most home buyers look to their real estate agent for a home inspector referral. Agents work with trusted inspectors who they know will provide professional, consistent and thorough service. WIN equips franchisees to provide that service, making them a true partner and extension of the real estate agent’s team. 

Franchisees often meet agents through networking groups, open houses and visits to real estate agent offices. We train our franchisees in the most effective in-person marketing techniques, equip them with professionally designed marketing materials and help them build their business through effective referrals. 

Home buyer referrals

Once a WIN franchisee has built relationships with local real estate agents, it is essential that they provide consistently top-notch customer service. When a home buyer is happy with their inspection, the real estate agent will continue to refer WIN Home Inspection to future clients. 

home inspector doing an inspection

WIN inspectors arrive early in a clean, branded vehicle, giving a professional and reassuring first impression. They do more than just look at the home; they also educate the buyer on the home’s systems and provide a detailed report that includes any issues, allowing the buyer to make the right decision for them. When the buyer is satisfied, they recommend our inspectors to other people who might need home inspection services. 

What makes WIN Franchisees Stand Apart In Their Territories 

WIN Home Inspection is the No. 1 Home Inspection Franchise in the industry. Our rigorous training, marketing support, and mentorship, paired with your drive, create a path to success for all our Strategic Partners in their designated territory. Here’s what makes us stand apart from our competitors in our approach to territories – 


  • Consistent, reliable branding

WIN Home Inspection’s branding is by far the best in the home inspection industry. WIN inspectors arrive in a branded service vehicle. They drive vans or SUVs. WIN vehicles are sharp, clean and instantly recognizable — like rolling billboards for the inspectors. 

Homeowners and real estate agents also can rely on WIN home inspectors to have a professional appearance. WIN inspectors wear a signature polo shirt, which evokes the professionalism WIN is known for. They greet the customer and the real estate agent and begin a careful and thorough inspection. Everything about the inspector’s appearance and demeanor is designed to be welcoming, crisp and professional.

“We are always on time, we look good,” says Mike Hankins, a multi-unit WIN franchise owner in Nashville, TN. “Our clients feel like there is a bigger company behind this guy to hold accountable if there’s a problem — it’s not some Joe Blow who could change his phone number and disappear forever.” 


  • Technical edge, educational approach

WIN’s proprietary software helps inspectors perform a consistent inspection, guiding them through the various parts of the home, providing checklists of items to inspect and allowing the inspector to make notes that are incorporated into their home inspection report. The software streamlines the inspection process and makes it faster and easier to generate reports, saving inspectors time, which helps them do more jobs and make more money. It’s not unusual for the report to be delivered before the inspector even leaves the home. 

WIN Branded vehicle

One of the best things that set the WIN Home Inspection franchise apart is that in addition to examining the condition of the home, inspectors also take the opportunity to educate potential buyers, so they know how to operate all systems.  


  • Outstanding training and support 

Our training program is called a bootcamp for a reason: It is the most extensive training program in the home inspection industry and exceeds industry standards. Moreover, our training program is ongoing. Once your WIN business is launched, you’ll continue your journey with business coaching, and technical and technology training.

WIN is also the only franchise to offer an end-to-end marketing platform without any hidden costs. Franchise owners gain access to remarkable marketing collateral, innovative digital marketing, and extensive coaching. They can also request custom marketing items based on their services and territory requirements. 

Learn about starting a WIN Home Inspection franchise 

WIN Home Inspection franchise provides extensive training to help Strategic-Partners understand the technical skills needed to be great home inspectors. To learn about WIN Home Inspection training and support, as well as start-up costs and financial performance, visit: www.winfranchising.com or contact one of our franchise advocates s at 1-866-430-9308 

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