5 Reasons to Join the WIN Home Inspection Franchise

November 15, 2014

Technology, branding and affordability give WIN Home Inspection franchise an edge over competitors

WIN Home Inspection franchise owners work from home and have very low overhead — not much more than the cost of a vehicle and gasoline, internet and a cell phone.

The two founders of the WIN Home Inspection franchise — Tom Knapp, a prominent Seattle real estate developer, and Dianne Knapp, a real estate broker — started the franchise in 1993 after seeing how hard it was to find a truly professional home inspector.

Dianne and Tom were determined to do something about the industry’s image problem, and they did. Over the past two decades WIN has grown into an elite home inspection franchise, a trusted and respected brand that’s widely considered among the very best in the country.

Here are five reasons why there’s never been a better time to join the WIN Home Inspection franchise:

1. We’re always in demand

A house is the largest investment most Americans will ever make, and the majority of us would never consider buying a home without having it inspected. In fact, 99% of Realtors recommend an inspection, and 77% of all home buyers hire an inspector before making their purchase. Furthermore, the National Association of Realtors includes home inspections on its list of the six most important steps a home buyer should take.

2. We’re affordable

WIN makes it very affordable for most people to start a franchise. Startup costs begin at just $33,900, and in some instances we offer in-house financing to cover a portion of the costs — making starting the business even more affordable for those who have good credit.

Plus, WIN owners enjoy a strong rate of return on their investment. They charged an average of $375 per inspection in 2013, which means that once you’ve established your operations by networking and earning referrals, you can earn significant revenue. WIN Strategic-Partners who had been in business at least three years reported average revenues of $112,644 in 2013, although over 40% WIN owners earn more.

3. We’re the most professional

The WIN brand difference is the first thing a home buyer notices. When a WIN inspector arrives, they pull up in a white van, SUV or crossover vehicle branded in WIN colors and with the WIN logo, and they emerge dressed in a WIN-branded polo. Inspectors tote a tablet or convertible PC that is used to perform the inspection. Everything about our inspectors’ appearance and demeanor is designed to be welcoming, crisp and professional.

Other home inspection franchises don’t require a professional vehicle or official uniforms. They might arrive driving a beat-up truck and wearing a T-shirt. A business like that is cheaper to start up, but it conveys a cheap and unprofessional image that costs business in the long run. Realtors might hesitate to refer such a business to their clients. But Realtors know that when they recommend WIN, our professionalism will make a good impression.

4. We’re veteran-friendly

James and Jessica Price on front porch swing

James and Jessica Price of Lubbock, Texas, operate one of the fastest-growing WIN Home Inspection franchises in the country. The couple received a significant discount on their franchise because James qualified for WIN’s outreach program for veterans.

Fully one-quarter of owners in the WIN system are military veterans, and we’re working to create opportunities for more veterans to start their own businesses. Our WIN for America program is a $1.2 million initiative that awards veterans the opportunity to receive up to half off their franchise fee. The program was inspired by the International Franchise Association’s “Operation Enduring Opportunity,” a concerted effort to help vets find jobs and start businesses.

5. Our technology is the most advanced

Our WINspect software platform dramatically speeds up the process of conducting an inspection and providing a finished report, allowing WIN’s Strategic-Partners to spend more time earning revenue — or more time with their families. The software allows an inspector to quickly generate the final inspection report — sometimes the report is delivered before the inspector even leaves the home!

WINspect is part of a suite of programs that WIN franchise owners enjoy. Our business management system — WINConnecT™ — helps you keep track of the customers and the real estate agents with whom you have worked. The database makes it easy to launch print and email marketing campaigns and track your production.

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