How Strategic-Partners at WIN Home Inspection Franchise Help Each Other Grow

May 26, 2015

Strategic-Partners at WIN Home Inspection franchise work together to raise brand awareness, back each other up

WIN Home Inspection Strategic-Partners have a remarkably good working relationship. They will often work together to serve customers if inspection requests stack up on the same day, or if a neighboring WIN inspector wants to take the day off or schedule a vacation. Established WIN Home Inspection Strategic-Partners will also send jobs to new inspectors to help them get a good start. That’s because WIN inspectors aren’t really competitors, they’re partners working together to build brand awareness in the community. Each Strategic-Partner has a pool of Realtors to whom they direct their marketing efforts. The more WIN inspectors there are in a given territory, the more deeply the marketing is able to penetrate, and the more jobs there are for everybody. WIN home inspectors can easily perform two or three inspections a day, but often the demand for services is greater. In a lot of businesses, that would mean lost opportunity, lost customers and lost repeat business. But WIN home inspectors are Strategic-Partners in the markets they serve. WIN truly is a partnership. WIN Home Inspection is one of the fastest-growing home inspection franchises in the country, and it is ranked as a top franchise opportunity by Entrepreneur magazine, Franchise Business Review and by G.I. Jobs. WIN stands apart from competitors by offering a consistent, professional home inspection service that home buyers appreciate and real estate agents respect. Training, technology and marketing support help Strategic-Partners owners develop loyal relationships in the real estate industry that lead to a steady stream of customer referrals. If WIN Strategic-Partners are completely booked when a real estate agent needs to schedule a home inspection, they will refer the job to another WIN owner who is available. If one Strategic-Partner wants to take a week off for a family vacation, other WIN owners will help take care of inspection requests for that week. We operate as Strategic-Partners, not as competitors. By working together this way, we ensure that the real estate agents with whom we’ve developed relationships know they can always turn to us for help. In every case, they’ll be able to rely on the exceptional, professional service they always get from WIN.

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