Is WIN Home Inspection Franchise a Good Family Business?

November 9, 2015

Thriving market, good financing options and support, and flexible schedules appeal to families

Running a business in a thriving market and working with people they trust on a flexible schedule mean that Kevin Miller, his wife, Dana Taylor-Miller, and her brother Matt Taylor enjoy going to work every day at their WIN Home Inspection franchises. With two franchises in Beaver Falls and Cranberry, Pennsylvania, the three have combined their sales and administrative backgrounds to help homebuyers get peace of mind about what might be their biggest financial purchase. “Combining the skills and experience that we both have, and using this knowledge to further ourselves while giving us more flexibility, is a great plan for us!” Kevin says. “Ultimately we decided to go with WIN because we liked what we saw as far as marketing, support, cost and professionalism — and because WIN is privately held.” Home inspection is one of the fastest-growing segments of the real estate franchise industry, which made owning a WIN Home Inspection franchise an interesting concept for the Millers and Taylors. The National Association of Realtors says 99 percent of its members recommend an inspection, and 77 percent of all home buyers hire inspectors before making their purchases. As home sales skyrocket, so do home inspections. WIN Home Inspection franchise is ranked as a top franchise opportunity by Entrepreneur magazine, Franchise Business Review and by G.I. Jobs. WIN stands apart from competitors by offering a consistent, professional home inspection service that home buyers appreciate and real estate agents respect. Training, technology and marketing support help Strategic-Partners develop loyal relationships in the real estate industry that lead to a steady stream of custom referrals.

Financial assistance, an innovative business model coupled with marketing and support builds family-owned franchises

Families interested in owning a WIN Home Inspection business don’t have to sell off everything they own to afford to buy in. Terry McGee, Director of Franchise Development, says WIN Home Inspection tries to make owning a franchise affordable. “These families can build a legacy while owning their own business,” Terry says. Compared with most franchises, owning a WIN Home Inspection franchise has relatively low cost. WIN Home Inspection franchise offers in-house financing. For those who meet our credit standards, we may be able to finance up to 50 percent of your franchise fee. Kevin’s franchise was partially financed by WIN, and he financed his vehicle and computer equipment through Bancorp. “We found that doing it this way enabled us more flexibility in financing fees and costs associated with financing and for maintaining our typical lifestyle,” says Kevin. WIN Home Inspection works to make things easier for prospective owners with our marketing assistance and our practical business model. “WIN’s marketing is exceptional,” says Kevin. “And, we have also gotten great tips and advice from other WIN Strategic-Partners. They are more than happy to share their ideas.” Our innovative business model sets territories based on how many active real estate agents are in an area and how many homes are being sold. Then we train our Strategic-Partners to form relationships with Realtors in their territory, creating a reliable stream of business opportunities. Jamie Green, who has a WIN Home Inspection franchise in Crown Point, Indiana, says Strategic-Partners have been extremely helpful walking him through the home inspection process in a very systematic way and answering his questions when needed. “One of the great things about WIN is how supportive everyone is of one another,” Jamie says.

WIN Home Inspection Strategic-Partners enjoy work-life balance

Jamie’s wife, Amy, helps him with administrative duties at their WIN Home Inspection franchise. The business has given him the opportunity to control his schedule. He has time for her and his twins, Jillian and Jimmy. “WIN has given me an unexpected new career that supports what’s important to me — family, meaningful work and a chance to build a business that really provides an important, needed service,” Jamie says. Terry says that’s an important part of WIN Home Inspection franchise’s appeal. And it’s intentional. “People gravitate toward owning a WIN Home Inspection franchise for quality of life,” Terry says. “It does lend itself for a good family life. For people who’ve been in environments where they’re working 60 hours a week, this becomes a good breath of fresh air.”

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