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Why should I invest in a home inspection business with WIN?

Franchising allows you to start your own business while still having support from veteran managers and other franchise owners. That’s especially true with WIN. President Steve Wadlington has been a leader in the home inspection and services industry for 25 years, and our franchise owners help one another out in a myriad of ways. WIN offers proven systems and technology to help you run your business as well as marketing strategies that have been successfully proven in the marketplace.

What do I get for my franchise investment?

Most importantly, our franchise owners have the strength and backing of the WIN brand, which is one of the most recognized and respected names in the home inspection field. WIN business owners benefit from comprehensive training and ongoing education. As part of the WIN program, the tools, technology and skills needed to grow your business are provided. From the start, you can count on a strong support team that is highly knowledgeable, easily accessible and responsive to the needs of the WIN business owner.

Am I given my own specific franchise area?

Each WIN owner enjoys a designated marketing area (DMA) — a group of ZIP codes in which they have marketing exclusivity. Your DMA is determined using the most recent market information available for your area, and our franchise team puts top priority on the volume of home transactions and the number of active real estate agents in your area, ensuring that you have ample opportunities to network and to conduct inspections near your business.

How much money can I earn?

WIN understands that earning potential is an important consideration in any business decision. Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document provides historic revenue averages for WIN’s franchise owners; you can get more specific information by speaking to individual owners during the evaluation process.

Do I need a particular background or experience to be successful?

Successful WIN franchise owners come from a wide variety of careers and backgrounds. You do not need to have contracting or real estate experience to succeed. If you are comfortable meeting and chatting with new people, building new relationships and talking about the services you can offer, that is far more valuable than technical skills. We can teach the technical skills — we can’t teach someone to have an outgoing personality.

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