February 12, 2020

Investing in a low-cost franchise can sometimes be a crapshoot. Understanding what to look for, though, reduces your risk of building a business on the back of a company offering minimal support.

Of course, there are many issues to consider before choosing a franchise. At WIN Home Inspection, we understand these concerns. That’s why we always work hard to ensure our franchisees, who are our Strategic Partners, have the critical support they need to start and run a successful business.

There are plenty of low-cost franchises out there to choose from, and not every investment will be right for everyone. After reviewing what’s offered by WIN Home Inspection and comparing it to industry standards, though, we feel you’ll be comfortable joining our community.

Low Cost, High Earning

When discussing low-cost franchise opportunities, many companies will avoid mentioning their actual pricing. This isn’t done at WIN Home Inspection – because we’re proud of the combined affordability and earning potential of our Strategic Partners.

While your experience as a franchisee will depend heavily upon you, the average gross revenue of our established partners is $219,930 as reported in our 2019 Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This comes after an initial investment that ranges from $35,875 to $49,800 per the 2019 FDD. This is one of the lowest startup costs you’ll encounter in a high earning industry. With 65 percent of businesses failing due to financial reasons, choosing a low-cost franchise with high earning potential is vital.

Some individuals’ motivations for owning a business extend beyond money. As a Strategic Partner and owner of a WIN Home Inspection Franchise, you get to help others, make a difference in your community, while also having the opportunity to build a thriving business in a highly attractive industry.

National Recognition

One of the key points of becoming a franchisee is so you can garner the name recognition of an established brand. Unfortunately, many low cost franchises that offer these opportunities aren’t as well-known. This could leave you struggling to establish a local brand identity.

This isn’t a concern with WIN Home Inspection given the national identity and the solid reputation. Our Strategic Partners have done work for over 1 million customers, and hundreds of thousands of Realtors® across the country consider us their ‘go-to home inspection company.’

WIN Home Inspection is a national brand with presence in 32 states, and more than 25 years of continued service, thereby establishing ourselves in consumers’ minds as the brand they can trust to bring them peace of mind during a highly stressful time in their lives as they contemplate making the largest financial decision. When you invest in this low-cost franchise with WIN, you’re buying into a business that’s already considered a national leader in the industry.

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Marketing Expenditures

One of the most commonly overlooked costs of running a business is marketing. Budding entrepreneurs who opt to build a company from scratch can expect to spend upward of 20% of their revenue on marketing. However, the expenditure does not guarantee success. There is no way to know whether the substantial marketing expenditure will help build your local brand

WIN Home Inspection can greatly reduce these costs. In addition to the ongoing investments in brand awareness among consumers, we also provide our Strategic Partners with ongoing support in a variety of manners that mitigates the trial-and-error learning experienced by new business owners.

You’ll also be provided with a number marketing methods, your very own website landing page, integration of marketing with online and social media platforms, an expansive digital presence and assistance in building your own local brand. While most franchises offer some form of promotional assistance, WIN Home Inspection is unrivaled in this department.

It’s also worth noting that you’ll have access to our intellectual property portfolio. Even the cost to trademark a business name can set you back thousands of dollars, and this is an essential aspect in establishing your brand. By investing in a low-cost WIN franchise, you’ll already have access to the critical brand identifiers you’ll ever need, and reap the benefits of a brand that is known nationally for over 25 years.

Industry Leading Support

From the moment you become a Strategic Partner, you’ll have all the support you ever need to reach your goals. This starts with an in-depth training program led by expert instructors. WIN franchisees range from real estate agents to veterans with no experience in the industry. This is possible thanks to customized training and state-of-the-art learning systems.

This training program will fully prepare you to build your brand, but this isn’t where support stops. You’ll receive professional help in the areas of business management, marketing, compliance, customer relations and much more. Just because you’re investing in a low-cost franchise shouldn’t mean you receive subpar support.

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A Growing Industry

The projected expansion in the home inspection is predicted to reach 10 percent between 2016 and 2026. This is a promising statistic for those considering any type of career in the field. It means that demand for skilled assessors is going to increase, and this can result in both higher income and lessened need for direct competition against others in the area.

This is why WIN Home Inspection is ideal for anyone seeking a low-cost franchise. If you’re going to invest, shouldn’t it be within a growing field? This simple truth ensures that you’ll have plenty of work going forward – especially considering the projected growth far exceeds the average across industries.

Working with our professionals will ensure you’re at the forefront of a booming industry.

Admired Brand With High Customer Ratings

When a company is known for bad customer service, it’s not just a single franchise that’s damaged. Even though the problem may only exist at a few locations, consumers will look at the brand negatively as a whole. Fortunately, this isn’t a concern you will have with WIN Home Inspection.

In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find many companies that even come close to WIN’s customer satisfaction ranking. When looking at reviews aggregated across multiple sites, consumers ranked the company generally around 4.9 out of 5 stars. This is unprecedented in the industry, and you’ll benefit from this strong reputation.

This is important because over 90 percent of people read online reviews either occasionally or regularly. Even more surprising is that 84 percent of consumers trust these reviews just as much as personal recommendations. Everyone wants great customer service, and when you invest in a low-cost franchise with WIN, consumers will know you can provide it.


When you invest in a low-cost franchise, you’re likely joining thousands of other professionals from across the country. Unfortunately, some companies only view their franchisees as individual assets. They fail to recognize that connecting these people in a meaningful way can create lasting and beneficial relationships.

By fostering an organizational culture that promotes camaraderie and collegial relationships, a company can give their franchisees an established network of support. In doing so, they create access to invaluable mentorships that can help budding entrepreneurs throughout their journey as business owners.

A full 92 percent of small business owners agree that seeking a mentor is essential for success, so it only makes sense that relationships among franchisees should be encouraged. This is how things are done at WIN Home Inspection. An old adage says that ‘the rising tide lifts all boats,’ and all franchises, regardless of the start-up costs required, should live by this rule.

Start Your Low-Cost Franchise Today

At WIN Home Inspection, we ensure our Strategic Partners have the support to succeed after investing in their low-cost franchise with us. Our training, marketing and support are fully geared, and far exceed industry standards, to help you reach your goals.

If you’re interested in starting your own franchise and for more information, please call (800) 967-8127 or email us at franchising@wini.com and one of our experts will contact you promptly.

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