3 Reasons Why the WIN Home Inspection Franchise is an Industry Leader

December 17, 2014

The WIN Home Inspection franchise thrives by offering a friendly, professional experience

A home is the largest investment most people make, and they take it very seriously. They want a home inspector who inspires confidence, and a lot of WIN Home Inspection’s competition seems to operate with a casual attitude. Tom Knapp, a prominent Seattle real estate developer, and Dianne Knapp, a real estate broker — had noticed that disconnect, and they decided to change it by founding the WIN Home Inspection franchise in 1993.

The WIN Home Inspection franchise was started in order to create a home inspection franchise that would offer home buyers, sellers and real estate agents a professional, thorough and consistent inspection process.

Today WIN sets the standard for the industry to follow. WIN has grown into a trusted and respected brand that’s widely considered among the best in the country. Here are three reasons why:

1. We’re more than a franchise, we’re like family

The WIN Home Inspection franchise is a community of professionals who care about one another and our communities. Our franchisees — called Strategic Partners (SPs) — mentor one another, answering each other’s questions about how to provide the best service and increase profits.

Justin Kirkbride, the first WIN Home Inspection franchise owner in Montana, says being part of a national organization of professionals gives him a real advantage.

“I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I have support and can benefit from others’ experience,” Justin says. “I called another franchisee to review my client reports. He gave me the feedback I needed to feel confident. I like that aspect. I know I have a backup if I have an issue. And being affiliated with WIN gives you credibility. We have 200 offices and are in 30 states.”

2. We don’t compromise when it comes to our professional image

WIN home inspectors arrive on the job in a white vehicle that features our crisp professional green-and-blue color scheme, our “We See More. Clearly.” slogan, our logo and the owner’s phone number. Customers instantly recognize that they are working with a professional they can trust to perform a thorough and accurate inspection.

Canadian marketing executive Nadeem Kassam, of Connect the Doc, says a branded vehicle is a powerful way to attract customers.

“Branding your car has better results than spending money on a billboard because you not only make the advertising targeted, but you have a higher reach when driving,“ Nadeem said on The Grasshopper Blog, a popular online news hub for entrepreneurs.

WIN Home Inspection van

When a WIN Home Inspection franchise owner arrives for an inspection, they pull up in a white van, SUV or crossover vehicle branded in WIN colors and with the WIN logo, and they emerge dressed in a WIN-branded polo.

3. We work magic with Realtors

The National Association of Realtors includes home inspections on its list of steps that every home buyer should take. Many Realtors recommend that their clients hire their local WIN home inspector, which leads to higher revenues and profits.

WIN encourages our Strategic-Partners to reserve time to attend networking events with Realtors where they develop loyal relationships that lead to a steady stream of customer referrals. The results can be dramatic, says Mark Steffan, whose WIN franchise hired another inspector after he began focusing on networking. He owns the WIN of Old Hickory Lake franchise in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

“We did 600 inspections last year. I was personally doing two a day. Then I decided to shift my focus, going to Realtor events and open houses. I realized when I did that, I was busier. Now I do one inspection a day, and my employees do the rest. The rest of my time is for networking, administrative work and follow-up calls to clients. I love meeting people and networking, and that’s the best way for me to spend most of my time,” Mark says.

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