Service Vehicles Give WIN Home Inspection Franchise Owners Competitive Edge

December 11, 2013

Branding consistency is a powerful marketing tool for WIN Home Inspection franchise owners.

WIN vehicles act like a billboard for your business — and the more that are on the road, the stronger the free marketing effect becomes.

WIN Home Inspection stands apart from its competitors in several ways, but one of the most immediately recognizable differences is our service vehicles. Other home inspection franchises don’t require a professional service vehicle, so why do we? Does a branded vehicle really make that much of a difference?

The answer is an unequivocal yes. Why? Because the first contact with a brand name is critically important — quite often the deciding factor in whether a home inspector gets the job or not. At WIN Home Inspection we’ve seen the age-old adage, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” proven over and over again.

WIN home inspectors arrive at customers’ homes in a white crossover or SUV that features our crisp professional green-and-blue color scheme, our “We See More. Clearly.” slogan, our logo and the owner’s phone number. Our Strategic-Partners are instantly seen as approachable home inspection professionals who are polished and able to answer the client’s questions. Our attractive vehicles are also designed to help make us approachable for home buyers, some of whom are intimidated by contractors.

Current research supports the premise that most customers prefer to buy products and services from brands they are already familiar with. Case in point: the 2013 Global New Products Report, published by the Nielsen market research firm, revealed that 60 percent of those surveyed prefer purchasing from known brands.

For many customers in a specific neighborhood, town or city locale, the first engagement with the WIN Home Inspection brand is the service vehicle. Our vehicles look great, and the crisp WIN logo is highly visible and recognizable. They instantly communicate that we are a strong, credible brand and that we stand behind our work.

WIN Home Inspection Strategic-Partners project a professional image — and the service vehicle sets the first impression.

Who do you think will be noticed the most? Our professionally branded vehicle or a competitor’s old pickup truck with a sticker on the side?

Ron King, assistant dean of Washington University’s School of Business in St. Louis, Mo., says a service vehicle is an “often overlooked way to extend the reach of your brand.”

“Brand management, which is a consistent focus on the firm’s image, is becoming a necessary consideration for all businesses,” King writes in a white paper entitled The Importance of Maintaining a Brand Image: the Potential Role of Company Vehicles. “Company vehicles are an important aspect of brand management. They act as moving billboards and can extend your firm’s identity and value.”

Canadian marketing executive Nadeem Kassam, of Connect the Doc, agrees.

“Branding your car has better results than spending money on a billboard because you not only make the advertising targeted, but you have a higher reach when driving, “ Kassam recently said on The Grasshopper Blog, a popular online news hub for entrepreneurs.

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