What WIN Home Inspection Franchise Owners Really Have to Say

December 22, 2014

WIN Strategic-Partners like the home inspection franchise for its versatility, low overhead

The consistent, growing demand for home inspections translates into opportunity for anyone considering becoming a professional home inspector. WIN Home Inspection franchise owners tell us — with remarkable consistency — that pursuing home inspection as a career and purchasing a WIN franchise are two of the best decisions they’ve made. Most of them were starting new careers with us, and they’ve never looked back.

Furthermore, some key housing industry indicators are looking very good as we approach the new year. Home values are predicted to rise in 2015 about as much as they did in 2014 — about 5.7%, according to the Home Building Institute. And the National Association of Realtors says that 99% of real estate agents recommend that clients purchase a home inspection, and 77% of buyers take that advice.

Here’s what some of our Strategic-Partners are saying about their experience as professional WIN Home Inspection franchise owners.

“If somebody came to me today and said, ‘Hey, man, I see you driving a big billboard on wheels. What do you think of WIN?’ I’m going to tell them that owning WIN is the smartest thing I ever did in my whole life other than marrying my bride. I wish I wouldn’t have waited as long as I did. If you want to be an independent entrepreneur and can follow the playbook — marketing, marketing, marketing and providing premium home inspection service — I’d recommend it to anybody.”
Dewey Messenger, Vancouver, Washington

“WIN makes it possible for you to determine your own future. You work for people who like you, and whom you like. You deal with people that are really depending on you. I like that it’s a cash business. You don’t have to deal with invoicing and billing. When I’m done with the inspection, I get paid. The cash flow is great.”
Bert Welsh, Fresno, California

“I was about to become a single parent and wanted something that would allow me to provide for my family and spend more time with them. I have four children, including three teenage daughters living at home. WIN sounded like something I’d like. That was eight years ago, and my business is still growing today. I have a firm belief that Americans today are franchise-oriented. Just look at McDonald’s. People prefer a trusted brand with consistent quality.

“The WIN website adds a lot of credibility. People tell me their Realtor recommended three inspectors for them to choose from. When they looked at the WIN website, they chose me hands-down.”
Mark Steffan, Hendersonville, Tennessee

“WIN’s veteran-friendly policies impressed me, and at the same time I was really drawn to WIN’s values. WIN was an easy standout. I really like their emphasis on continuing education and customer service, and I find them to be the most advanced home inspection franchise in terms of technology, training and marketing.”
Brian Fish, Mount Vernon, Washington

“I did a business plan and made a three-year projection that figured I’d be getting 30 home inspections a month by Year Three. Well, at 6 months I started getting 30 a month, and I haven’t stopped getting 30 a month since. I’ve jumped far past all my projections for my first year — I’ve actually tripled them. It’s really exciting to be part of a fast-growing business.”
James Price, Lubbock, Texas

“I love being in business. WIN can provide that opportunity to someone with the right motivation. If you want to make a living, you can. You just have to go out and do it. As the economy recovers, more people are going to buy properties and need inspections. I expect demand to grow.”
Justin Kirkbride, Hamilton, Montana

“When you evaluate the number of residential real estate transactions that happen every day, you will find the opportunity is very large.”
Bill Gray, Phoenix, Arizona

“Our job is to help protect people from making a bad investment in a home. I enjoy that responsibility. I enjoy being an important person in that person’s life.”
Mike Hankins, Brentwood, Tennessee

“I would definitely recommend this franchise for many reasons. WIN has a great training system. I love the WIN software and its marketing system and backup. WIN encouraged me to go to networking breakfast meetings and give short presentations on my franchise. The results have been great. If you have the basic skills, you’ll definitely make money with a WIN franchise.”
Tom Lemieux, Madison, Alabama

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