14 Dec 2019

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) reports that 2.5 million businesses in the U.S. are majority-owned by veterans – that’s 9.1% of all U.S. businesses. Together, these businesses have an annual revenue above $1 trillion and employ more than 5 million employees.

One of the main factors behind the success of these businesses is training and knowledge veterans gained while serving the country. The same training that helped you to be effective on the frontlines can help you achieve business success.

A home inspection franchise with WIN Home Inspection is an excellent way for veterans to use their skills and re-enter the workforce after serving. The support and training, ongoing business advice, and marketing support give you the structure necessary to succeed, but you still have the independence that comes with being your own boss.

9 Advantages That Make Veterans Great Franchisees

We’ve seen this at work in our own organization: a number of our successful franchisees come from the US Armed Forces background. We’ve found that the mix of training, experience, and mindset they bring is highly valuable and sets a fantastic foundation for success in home inspection.

Here are nine advantages that help our franchisees, who are veterans, succeed:

1. Strong Work Ethic

When you start a franchise business, your success rests on your ability to put into action the tried and tested strategy you’ve bought into.

Veterans have an in-built work ethic that puts them in good stead to succeed. They know what it takes to achieve their objectives, they’re prepared to put the effort in, and they know the satisfaction that will come from having done that work. The simple willingness to get the job done and keep working at problems can take you a long way.

2. Work Well Under Pressure

Few situations can match the pressure of training for and operating in combat zones; business can be stressful at times, but it doesn’t come close to the pressure you may have experienced.

Veterans’ experience of working under pressure means they are more likely to continue to perform to a high standard even when faced with high-pressure situations. Even under pressure, they continue to make quick decisions, learn and adapt, work hard, and keep moving forward towards a solution.

3. Goal-Focused

Veterans are taught to focus on their goals intensely, driving towards each one until it has been achieved before looking and aiming at the next one. This intensity is ideal in a business environment, where it is all too easy to get distracted by the next shiny thing or to waste time on unnecessary tasks.

With this skill, veterans can focus on the areas of the business that matter and keep moving forward, prioritizing their most effective work. This means they are always moving forward.

4. Integrity and Loyalty

You don’t get far in the US armed forces without a sense of integrity and honesty. When applied to their business and customers, the same loyalty veterans showed their country becomes incredibly powerful.

The veterans we’ve worked with aren’t just “trying something out” – they’re looking to commit to a new career, to commit to creating a fantastic service, and to do something great for their customers. That’s something we can get behind, and that speaks volumes to customers.

5. Can Follow Rules

Running a franchise is a unique business situation: you are at once both the boss of your own business and a part of a larger whole. Success relies on following the formula and guidelines set down by your franchise – even when you’re tempted to try something else.

Veterans know the value of following guidelines to the letter and are disciplined at doing so. This sets them up to have a great relationship with their franchisor and increases their likelihood of experiencing success.

6. Adaptable

No business or industry stays the same forever. Changing market conditions, customer preferences, and ever-evolving best practice mean that franchise owners need to be ready to adapt to new circumstances.

Veterans are often highly adaptable, having already faced down and solved far more challenges than most businesspeople will see in a lifetime. Their experience in adapting on the frontlines and using the resources they have available to them to arrive at a solution is crucial to the success of their business.

7. Risk Management and Tolerance

Joining a franchise reduces the risk involved in starting a business through training, marketing, and strategic support, but can never completely remove it. The entrepreneurs who find the greatest success are those who understand this and revel in it – who work hard knowing that it’s their efforts that make the difference.

Veterans do well because they have both the day-to-day understanding of risk management required to run a business and the mental strength to keep going when times are tough.

8. Learning From Mistakes

We’d be the first to admit that no business owner or business is perfect – mistakes happen. What counts is what you do next.

Having come from an environment where a repeated mistake can create a risk to life, veterans are quick to learn. This adaptability helps them learn quickly when entering a new industry and is ideal for opening a home inspector franchise.

9. Leadership

Leadership is a key skill when running and growing a business. Initially, you will have to lead yourself; later, you’ll need to inspire confidence and loyalty in others to get the best out of them.

Many veterans have served in leadership positions, and even those that haven’t have been exposed to effective leadership. This experience is highly-valuable in a business environment, where many competitors have not had the benefit of such high-quality training.

Build Value and Heritage With a WIN Franchise

Building a WIN Home Inspection franchise is a great opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially those who come from a US Armed Forces background. We have served more than one million satisfied customers over the last 25 years, and we are looking forward to partnering with new as well as current business owners to serve the next million.

We provide industry-leading support for our franchise owners, including in-depth, high-quality training, on-point business advice, all the tech and operations systems you need, and more.

We welcome veterans and value the knowledge and experience they bring to their new career. As a thank you for their service, we offer incentives to veterans who are interested in owning a WIN franchise, as well as other financing options.

Ready to talk? If you’re interested in starting your own franchise and for more information, please call (800) 967-8127 or email us at franchising@wini.com and one of our experts will contact you promptly.

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