Why WIN Home Inspection is a Great Franchise For Family Business

February 4, 2023

As more and more entrepreneurs understand the benefits of franchising systems, they also realize the benefits of bringing their families into the business.

While some businesses are better suited for individuals, at WIN Home Inspection, the model is highly flexible, a franchise owner can run a thriving business with their family.

Some of our franchise owners (who we call Strategic Partners) act as “solopreneurs”, but many choose to make it a family business because of the advantages a WIN Home Inspection franchise offers. Let’s explore them in detail.

Why WIN Is Well-suited as a Franchise Family Business?

Turning your WIN Home Inspection franchise into a family business multiplies your chances of success. Franchise owners can capitalize on this opportunity with the help of their family and become a part of WIN’s 30 years of legacy.

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Proven Track Record

When opening a family franchise, you’re not just looking to ‘dip your toes’ into entrepreneurship to see if you can succeed — you’re trying to build a family legacy. This means you need a company that’s been nationally recognized and has proven itself time and time again. This is exactly what you’ll find at WIN Home Inspection.

The Entrepreneur Magazine has ranked WIN as the No. 1 home inspection franchise. We are proud to say that WIN has repeatedly been recognized as one of the Top 500 franchises across the globe. Moreover, the average gross revenue from an established WIN franchise stands at $219,300. This is over six times what some of our Strategic Partners invest to open their business.

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Mentorship and Community

At WIN, you’ll find an interconnected community packed with mentors. Friendly and collaborative relationships are encouraged among our Strategic Partners. This makes it easy to find support and mentoring relationships.

Why is this important for family businesses? 55% of businesses state that mentorship had a direct impact on their profits. You and your family will bring a variety of different experiences to the table and will benefit greatly from the guidance of someone who’s already found success within the company and industry.

Franchise Costs

When opening a family franchise, many entrepreneurs look closely at the initial cost. They want to find the best deal they can to set their families up for success. At WIN Home Inspections, we have one of the lowest start-up costs in the industry and furthermore, you have the option to finance up to 50% of the cost. Additionally, we have relationships with third-party funding sources that can help with other startup costs you may incur.

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This funding flexibility is essential for families who want to start building their brand right away. When you combine this with the marketing tools, personalized in-depth training, and ongoing support provided by WIN Home Inspection, it’s easy to understand why we’re the best option for family franchise businesses.

Success Stories of Franchise Family Businesses at WIN

We reached out to some of our Strategic Partners who invested in the opportunity provided by WIN Home Inspection with the intent of building a family brand.

The Greens in Indiana

The Greens in Indiana

Jamie Green runs a WIN Home Inspection franchise in Crown Point, IN. His wife, Amy, assists with the administrative duties of running their business. He loves the relationships he’s fostered with both the company and other franchisees, and he even made a point of saying, “One of the great things about WIN is how supportive everyone is of one another.”

Jamie went even further to explain why this was the right option for him and his family, “WIN has given me an unexpected new career that supports what’s important to me — family, meaningful work and a chance to build a business that really provides an important, needed service.”

The Millers and Taylors in Pennsylvania

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Kevin Miller, his wife Dana Taylor-Miller and his brother-in-law Matt Taylor run two WIN franchises in Pennsylvania. Kevin loves how their experiences translated directly to the home inspection industry: “Combining the skills and experience that we both have and using this knowledge to further ourselves while giving us more flexibility, is a great plan for us.”

The group also says that support, marketing, cost and flexibility were big factors in their decision. Additionally, they’re one of the many Strategic Partners that took advantage of the in-house financing provided by WIN. Kevin said, “We found that doing it this way enabled us more flexibility in financing fees and costs associated with financing and for maintaining our typical lifestyle.”

WIN Home Inspection understands the importance of family and helps you build a brand without sacrificing their comfort.

Why start a Home Inspection Franchise

Everything provided by WIN Home Inspections is geared towards helping make your family franchise business a success. Every bit of entrepreneurial savvy and assistance in the world, however, is unlikely to help if your industry isn’t thriving. Fortunately, you likely will never have to worry about this issue.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projected an expansion of 10 percent in the home inspection industry between 2016 and 2026. It’s higher than the average projected growth across all industries. The industry is growing as the real estate market rebounds and home inspection services become critical during the transaction.

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9 in 10 homebuyers used home inspection services in their recent home purchase. This bodes very well for your great franchise family business. It is a lucrative business opportunity to meet the rising demand for home inspection services and build a family legacy of a successful franchise.

In addition to all the benefits WIN has to offer, you’ll also find great networking opportunities by working with buyers, sellers, insurance agents, financial institutions and real estate agents. The marketing support provided by WIN will certainly help, but since 70% of consumers trust reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations, these connections within your community can prove priceless.

Start Your WIN Family Franchise Today!

WIN Home Inspection is part of an ever-growing and recession-resistant industry. When you combine this with the countless benefits available to WIN Strategic Partners, there’s little doubt that this investment is right for solopreneurs, families or new business partners.

If you’re interested in starting your own franchise, please call (800) 967-8127 or email us at franchising@wini.com and one of our franchise advocates will contact you promptly.

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