November 25, 2014

Flexible funding option offered by WIN Home Inspection franchise decreases upfront cash needed to launch a franchise

There are many things that differentiate the WIN Home Inspection franchise from competitors, but one of the most immediately recognizable differences is our service vehicles. WIN has a partnership with Bancorp that can help lower the costs of driving a service vehicle.

WIN Home Inspection is helping owners significantly reduce the cost of driving a new vehicle thanks to an innovative partnership with The Bancorp, a major national financial service provider and commercial lending bank.

The flexible funding option allows WIN franchisees — called Strategic-Partners — to apply for a generous car leasing program that can greatly decrease the amount of upfront cash it takes to open a WIN Home Inspection franchise. The agreement has no mileage restrictions or charges for wear and tear. It also may require no down payment.

Many participants enjoy a lower monthly payment, and the entire amount can be written off.

“The Bancorp is a long-term partner who is here to serve not only the existing Strategic-Partner network, but also those brand-new franchisees directly out of their two-week training program,” says Michael Combs, vice president of sales and marketing for The Bancorp.

“Access to capital in today’s climate isn’t often easy, in particular for those with no business credit history,” Michael adds. “The Bancorp/WIN national fleet partnership is designed to let WIN Strategic-Partners focus on what they do best — home inspections.”

Benefit includes extended lines of credit

While WIN Strategic-Partners focus on growing their businesses, The Bancorp can assist with vehicle purchases. It can also extend lines of credit to help fund the vehicle, the official WIN graphics and in some cases even the WIN Startup Package and the WIN Marketing Package. The Bancorp will even help dispose of older vehicles as they reach the end of their usefulness.

The Bancorp can get the best price by negotiating with manufacturers and sourcing vehicles. from one centralized place. The Bancorp/WIN partnership gives WIN Home Inspection franchise owners additional buying power as a group. As a national system, WIN has more than 1,000 vehicles.

“This helps free up your existing working lines of capital to fuel your business, not the vehicles that need fuel themselves. We certainly help get the WIN Strategic-Partners on the road to success and are here to help with their transportation needs,” Michael says.

WIN Strategic Partner Justin Kirkbride relies on his WIN vehicle to serve customers throughout his territory in Montana. Driving a late-model vehicle with the official WIN graphics package gives him a clear advantage over competitors, who make a poor impression by driving beat-up old trucks.

“There was room for someone more branded, with a more professional feel,” Justin says. “I love my vehicle, and I use it extensively. This being Montana — Big Sky Country — I have a large territory.”

Learn about starting a WIN Home Inspection franchise

The WIN Home Inspection franchise provides extensive training to help Strategic-Partners understand the technical skills needed to be great home inspectors. Many consider WIN to be one of the best home inspection franchise opportunities on the market.

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