April 14, 2015

WIN Home Inspection franchise owner attracted by the company’s marketing, support, low cost and professionalism

For multiple-territory Strategic-Partner Kevin Miller, the WIN Home Inspection franchise truly is a family business. His wife and his brother-in-law have key roles in his WIN franchises, which are in Beaver Falls and Cranberry, Pennsylvania.

Kevin believes that owning two territories is the surest way to gain market share and make the most of opportunities to grow the business. And he’s grateful for the chance to work with his wife, Dana Taylor-Miller, and his brother-in-law, Matt Taylor.

“These relationships aren’t something that a person can walk into off of the street and establish in a few months. We have a long history of trust amongst us,” Kevin says.

Kevin tells his story in this WIN Home Inspection review.

How did you get started with WIN?

Making the decision to start our business as a WIN franchise was a long process. The franchising opportunity has always been an interesting proposition to me. After years of researching the pros and cons of franchising in general, it took at least another six months of looking at several home inspection franchises.

Ultimately we decided to go with WIN because we liked what we saw as far as marketing, support, cost and professionalism — and because WIN is privately held.

How long have you been a WIN Strategic-Partner?

We began with WIN in September 2014.

Are you participating in any special WIN financing options?

We were partially financed by WIN, and we financed our vehicle and computer equipment through Bancorp. We found that doing it this way enabled us more flexibility in financing fees and costs associated with financing and for maintaining our typical lifestyle.

Have you always wanted to have your own business?

Owning my own business has always been a dream of mine. I am also a veterinary pharmaceutical sales representative, and my wife is the office manager at a veterinary hospital. We are transitioning from those positions.

Combining the skills and experience that we both have, and using this knowledge to further ourselves while giving us more flexibility, is a great plan for us!

Your franchises are a real family business. What are the advantages of that?

Many of my wife’s business skills come not only from the veterinary business but also from her parents. She is the daughter of two entrepreneurs.

That experience while growing up is an experience that my brother-in-law had, as well. Matt has more than 20 years of experience in residential and commercial construction. We know each other very well and know exactly what we can expect from one another.

You have two territories. Would you recommend that to others?

Our decision to choose two territories was influenced by a few factors. Our home office is in Cranberry Township, and my brother-in-law lives in Beaver Falls. We intend to market and serve both areas. After some analysis, we determined that this home inspection business has so much untapped potential.

What do you like about WIN’s marketing?

WIN’s marketing is exceptional. And, we have also gotten great tips and advice from other WIN Franchisees. They are more than happy to share their ideas.

Do the vehicle and the uniform help make a professional impression on customers?

Absolutely. People constantly look at our vehicle with curiosity. When we attend an event the people that we meet and talk to say, “Ohhh … that’s your car!” So it definitely gets noticed. The uniform also adds a nice touch of professionalism.

What are the characteristics of a successful WIN Home Inspection franchise owner?

Determination, tenacity, positivity, professionalism, the desire to learn and be taught, as well as clear goals with a plan for achieving them.

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