WIN Home Inspection Franchise Software Gives Owners Competitive Advantage

November 11, 2015

Easy-to-use technology allows WIN Home Inspection franchise owners, inspectors to quickly create detailed reports

Independent home inspectors might struggle to get custom inspection reports to anxious clients in a timely fashion, but the WIN Home Inspection franchise has a solution. Our WINspect proprietary software, introduced in 2001, guides our inspectors through homes quickly and allows them to deliver a polished, comprehensive report in a matter of hours.
WIN Home Inspection Strategic-Partner James Price doesn’t have to worry about forgetting anything or dealing with piles of paperwork anymore.

“WIN gives you the tools to be the most professional home inspector there is,” says James, who has had his franchise since 2012.

Home inspections are one of the fastest-growing segments of the real estate franchise industry, and 77 percent of all home buyers are hiring inspectors before making purchases. WIN Home Inspection is serving more customers and Realtors than ever before, and WINspect allows us to do this in an organized, timely fashion.

“Our home inspection franchise was started to create a service that would offer home buyers, sellers and real estate agents a professional, thorough and consistent inspection process,” WIN Home Inspection President Steve Wadlington says. “Our software helps do that.”

WIN Home Inspection franchise is ranked as a top franchise opportunity by Entrepreneur magazine, Franchise Business Review and by G.I. Jobs. WIN stands apart from competitors by offering a consistent, professional home inspection service that home buyers appreciate and real estate agents respect. Training, technology and marketing support help our Strategic-Partners develop loyal relationships in the real estate industry that lead to a steady stream of customer referrals.

Group of inspectors in training

WIN Strategic-Partners are trained on our software system that improves customer service and job performance.

Strategic-Partners enjoy delivering reports — sometimes on the spot

Strategic-Partner Tom Lemieux, who has an operation in Madison, Alabama, says he was taught the WIN software by a home inspection franchise computer person and hands-on at inspections.

WIN is continuously updating WINspect based on feedback from the field and changes in real estate law. Strategic-Partners also get technical support when needed.

WINspect is designed for tablet and convertible PCs, and the software guides WIN owners through the inspection process, providing a system-by-system checklist for homes that enables inspectors to make quick notes as they perform the inspection.

The notes, as well as photos taken by the inspector, then feed into the WIN Home Inspection report, which is delivered to the buyer. The software allows an inspector to quickly generate the final inspection report — sometimes the report is delivered before the inspector even leaves the home.

WINspect allows Strategic-Partners a tracking tool

The technology gives owners three versions of the report — a professional printed report, a PDF file and a cloud-based digital version of the report that customers can access from anywhere by visiting either WIN’s corporate site or the local website of the WIN Strategic-Partner. These three forms meet the demands and expectations of customers.

“We believe home inspections should provide clarity and confidence, not anxiety,” says Steve. “And we believe a strong brand and consistent experience inspire confidence in both real estate agents and home buyers. This leads to WIN Home Inspection Strategic-Partners earning referrals from agents, which in turn leads to higher revenues and profits.”

Another added bonus of the software is WINConnecT, which is a business management system that helps keep track of customers, as well as the real estate agents with whom franchisees have worked. The database makes it easy to launch print and email marketing campaigns and track production so that Strategic-Partners can see how their business is performing.

WINConnecT also provides a quick link to WINspect, as well as the company intranet, WINnet, which provides Strategic-Partners an online forum where they can share ideas, challenges, solutions and successful business strategies. Individualized mailboxes also allow one-on-one communication between WIN owners, a news section has up-to-date on the information about the company and the industry, a library serves as a knowledge bank and search functionality makes answers easy to find.

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