George Gaves – Construction + Teaching + Real Estate = Home Inspection

November 15, 2016

“Every house I walk into, there’s something new – something different. That’s the fun part of it.”

How did George get involved in WIN?

After wanting to be closer to his family, George moved back to Michigan, but found it difficult to find work because of the recession.

He knew several folks involved in franchising so after a lot of online research and in-person meetings he landed on WIN Home Inspection.

“WIN was a good fit for me personally. Probably my whole life I’ve been pointed toward this and I just didn’t know it. I tell people I do home inspections for people; I charge to write the report.”

How did you realize the WIN Way was a natural fit for you?

George’s career path was the perfect background.

Construction + Teaching + Real Estate = Home Inspection

“I started off mowing lawns on my Dad’s rental houses. I learned about how homes were built. I installed pools, irrigation systems, sod, and eventually got my builder’s license.”

What’s the research process like?

“My wife was the one who encouraged me to take the meeting about WIN that changed my life. Then when I talked with WIN, I discovered there were ways to finance the purchase even though we didn’t have the cash in savings.”

George also had a personal relationship with an executive in one of the largest real estate agencies in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This friend had the biggest influence on George.

“He said to me, ‘Until you start hiring people, it’s all you. Are you good with that?”

This was George’s turning point to believing WIN Home Inspection was the perfect fit for him and his family — that he could do it on his own.

“From a personal standpoint, I thought it was the best thing in the world. I’ve always had confidence and believed in me.”

Because George did his research, understood the risks of starting a business. However, his decision to choose WIN was later validated by the people he knew in parallel industries along with his growth and success.

How is it going in 2016?

“I love where I’m at. You always want year end numbers higher. I made the money I wanted to make. I worked as much as I wanted to work. I took the time I wanted to take off. Now that I have sons aged 6 and 9 and one of them decided to pick up lacrosse, I became a de facto coach. I knew I could take two afternoons off.”

How about participating with the WIN community?

Mentorship and community participation is important to being a successful WIN Home Inspector — and it’s something George firmly believes in.

“So I’ve been to every national WIN Business Conference. I’m a member of the WIN Advisory Council.”

George also believes that participating in the community with other WIN Home Inspectors and in his local community, human touch is what makes the difference.

“You have to hold someone’s hand through the process so they feel good about it.”

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