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December 18, 2022

WIN Home Inspection is an award-winning, veteran-friendly franchise helping veterans grow successful businesses

Jason Vernier, a 22-year U.S. Navy veteran and owner of WIN Home Inspection in Fort Myers, FL.

At WIN Home Inspection, we are honored to support and work with military veterans. In fact, more than 36 percent of our franchisees are veterans and first-responders. Recently, WIN was honored as a veteran-friendly franchise with a Five-Star Ranking from the International Franchise Association (IFA)’s VetFran program for our WIN for America program, which offers a discounted franchise fee to eligible veterans. Jason Vernier, owner of WIN Home Inspection in Fort Myers, FL, previously served in the U.S. Navy for 22 years. He shared his story of building his WIN Home Inspection franchise.

As a veteran, how has your military background impacted the way you run your business?
My background as a veteran has helped me tremendously in this business. As a home inspector, you need attention to detail, which is also a must to be successful in the military. I was in the Navy for 22 years, and you need discipline. There’s no being late to work. You represent yourself and you want to bring the best foot forward. In my military experience, I represented the United States of America everywhere I went, 24/7. Now I’m proud to represent WIN everywhere I go, 24/7.

What was it about WIN that made it such a great franchise for veterans?
WIN is a very veteran-friendly franchise. They’re supporting veterans and making sure franchise owners have the right tools to succeed. They make it affordable for veterans to get into this business.

What is the most important thing a new franchisee needs to know when they’re getting into the business?
I think you need drive and commitment to get into the business. You have to be all-in from day one. Your clients expect excellence and the home buyers know you for a short amount of time. This is one of the only industries where someone is going to hire you without meeting you. You may have been referred to them by a real estate agent, which also puts that agent’s reputation on the line.

Vernier says the skills learned during his military service have helped him become a successful business owner with WIN.

How did you first hear about the WIN opportunity?
When I was set to retire from the military, I was a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy. So, I was a middle manager and leader. I knew I wanted to open my own business. I got involved with an organization called VetFran to find a franchise opportunity for veterans. We took personality tests and looked at different options. I found WIN Home Inspection was a perfect fit for me, and I haven’t looked back since.

What kind of support has WIN provided to you?
There are challenges being new to the industry, but with the right help with technology and WIN’s expertise, I succeed. When a potential issue arises, I know I can reach out to the Home Office or another franchisee and receive help. This ensures the best service to my client. WIN provides a huge wealth of knowledge that is available at my fingertips.

What have you found are the best ways to meet new clients or referral sources? How do you market yourself and your services?
Networking allows me to meet new clients, referral partners and real estate professionals. Being part of a networking group is great to help grow your business. You can find new partners to help you get clients while also building that trust and relationship with real estate professionals who can help you grow your own business and reputation. Also, going to open houses and talking to real estate agents one-on-one allows you to capture their attention and explain the value you provide.

What kind of person do you think it takes to be successful with WIN?
To be successful with WIN, a person needs to be disciplined, goal-oriented and client-focused. It takes someone who can do the little things but also go above and beyond what’s expected. I think if we meet an expectation, we’re failing; we need to exceed expectations. If you’re ready to do your absolute best for your clients and exceed their expectations every day, you’ll be successful.

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