NATIONAL VETERANS SMALL BUSINESS WEEK: Paving the Path to Entrepreneurship through Home Inspection

November 5, 2023

National Veterans Small Business Week, established by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), honors and celebrates the unique challenges and remarkable achievements of veterans who have become entrepreneurs in their post-service careers. This week-long observance serves as a platform to honor veterans for their sacrifices and to support their journeys as small business owners.

At WIN Home Inspection, we are proud to share in this national celebration, with 36% of our franchise owners being veterans and or first responders. Their commitment to service and unwavering work ethic not only aligns with our core values, but also plays a pivotal role in the success and growth of our franchise family.

As we navigate through National Veterans Small Business Week, we’ll showcase how these remarkable individuals have successfully transitioned from military life to thriving small business ownership through the dynamic field of home inspections. Their stories, experiences, and accomplishments not only inspire us, but also highlight the importance of veterans within our franchise.

The Role of Veterans at WIN Home Inspection: Exceptional Entrepreneurs

Veterans bring a unique and valuable set of qualities to the table when it comes to entrepreneurship. Their experiences, skills, and unwavering dedication make them exceptional candidates for thriving in the world of small business ownership.

1. Leadership and Discipline

Veterans are well-versed in leadership and discipline, skills that are integral in running a successful business. Their military training equips them with the ability to make critical decisions under pressure, manage teams effectively, and maintain a strong work ethic.

2. Problem-Solving Abilities

Veterans have honed their problem-solving abilities in challenging and diverse environments. This resilience is a valuable asset when facing the myriad of challenges that often arise in the world of entrepreneurship.

3. Adherence to Processes

In the home inspection industry, attention to detail and adherence to established processes are paramount. Veterans excel in following strict protocols, ensuring that no detail is overlooked during property inspections.

4. Customer Service Excellence

Veterans’ commitment to service extends seamlessly to customer interactions. They understand the importance of building trust and maintaining excellent customer relationships, which is critical in the home inspection business.

5. Teamwork and Adaptability

The ability to work effectively within a team and adapt to changing circumstances is a hallmark of military service. These skills are invaluable when managing and growing a franchise business.

Now, let’s delve into the inspiring success stories of veteran franchise owners within WIN Home Inspection who exemplify these qualities and more.

Success Stories:

Jeff Starr, Coast Guard Veteran, Michigan

Jeff Starr proudly joined the WIN franchise family in July 2020. His 32 years of combined military service between the Missouri Army National Guard and the U.S. Coast Guard taught him servant leadership, that what you invest into others comes back around, and he finds the same to be true about entrepreneurship. Throughout his lifetime, Jeff travelled all over the country, and became very knowledgeable about the home buying and selling process, helping friends, family, and members of his military community. It was this passion and sense of leadership that ultimately encouraged him to open his home inspection business. Today, Jeff and his wife, Joy, enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with business ownership while they get to engage with and continue to serve their communities.

Jason Vernier, Navy Veteran, Florida

Jason Vernier in red WIN for America shirt

Jason Vernier served in the U.S. Navy for 22 years before starting his exciting journey as a WIN Home Inspection Strategic Partner. Originally based in Indiana, Jason was the owner of two successful home inspection franchises before moving to Florida, where he is based now. Throughout his time in Indiana, Jason had utilized his customer service and relational skills to build meaningful relationships with clients and realtors, and when it came time for him to leave, one of his realtors decided to purchase his locations from him. She couldn’t bear the thought of not having WIN Home Inspection in her community and appreciated how much the business had meant to her clients. Mahlie is now a successful WIN Strategic Partner and Jason moved to Florida, where he opened two new WIN Home Inspection locations and is continually building new relationships and serving his community.

Brad Shoultes Profile image

“When looking into different home inspection franchises, WIN was the most veteran-friendly franchise I’ve come across.

Brad Shoultes
WIN Strategic Partner | Navy Veteran | Michigan

These success stories are just a glimpse into the remarkable journey of veterans within the WIN Home Inspection Franchise. Their military background has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in their success as entrepreneurs, and they continue to inspire and lead by example.

As we celebrate National Veterans Small Business Week, it’s clear that veterans are not only vital members of our franchise family but also an essential part of the broader landscape of small business ownership. Their contributions exemplify the potential for veterans to pave the path to entrepreneurship, making them an integral and celebrated part of our WIN Home Inspection community.

National Veterans Small Business Week Celebration

National Veterans Small Business Week serves as a platform to honor the remarkable achievements of veterans who have transitioned from military service to entrepreneurship. This week-long celebration carries a profound purpose and a set of overarching goals aimed at recognizing, supporting, and empowering our veteran entrepreneurs.

The Purpose of National Veterans Small Business Week

  • Honoring Veterans: The purpose is to pay tribute to our veterans who have served our country with dedication and courage. It’s an opportunity to acknowledge their sacrifices and express gratitude for their invaluable contributions, both in the military and as small business owners.
  • Inspiration and Empowerment: National Veterans Small Business Week is designed to inspire, empower, and equip veterans who aspire to be entrepreneurs to reach their goals in their post-service careers. By highlighting the successes of veteran-owned businesses, veterans believe that with determination and the right support, they too can thrive in the business world.
  • Awareness and Advocacy: The week also aims to raise awareness about the challenges and opportunities faced by veteran entrepreneurs. It provides a platform for advocacy and discussion on issues that affect their journey, such as access to capital, mentorship, and government support.

Goals of National Veterans Small Business Week

  • Showcasing Veteran Entrepreneurs: The dedication aims to showcase and celebrate the accomplishments of veteran-owned businesses across various industries, including the home inspection industry.
  • Connecting Veterans with Resources: National Veterans Small Business Week facilitates connections between veterans and the resources they need to succeed as entrepreneurs. This includes workshops, networking events, and information on government programs and funding opportunities.
  • Promoting Mentorship and Support: Another key goal is to promote mentorship and support for veteran entrepreneurs. By connecting them with experienced business owners and mentors, veterans can receive guidance and advice to navigate the challenges of starting and running a successful business.
  • Advocating for Veteran-Friendly Policies: The week provides a platform for advocating for policies and initiatives that benefit veteran-owned businesses. This includes efforts to streamline government procurement processes and increase access to loans and contracts for veteran entrepreneurs.
  • Inspiring the Next Generation: National Veterans Small Business Week aims to inspire the next generation of veteran entrepreneurs. By showcasing the achievements of those who have successfully made the transition, it encourages veterans to consider entrepreneurship as a viable career path.

How Veterans Can Join WIN Home Inspection

WIN for Veterans

At WIN Home Inspection, we are committed to empowering veterans on their journey to entrepreneurship. As a token of our deep appreciation for your service, we are proud to offer a 20% discount on the initial franchise fee and special financing to eligible candidates. We understand the unique qualities and experiences veterans bring to the table, and we’re dedicated to supporting your dreams of small business ownership. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how veterans can join our franchise family and embark on the path to success, benefiting from comprehensive training and certification, unmatched end-to-end support, cutting-edge technology, a strong brand presence, and a commitment to community engagement.

Step 1: Tell Us About You

Submit an interest form to kick off the conversation and share your personal and professional goals.

Step 2: Learn About Our Unique Support Model

Schedule an intro call with one of our franchise advocates to learn about the opportunity and see if we’re a mutual fit.

Step 3: Visualize Your Path to Success

Continue the conversation with us and learn more about the significant investments we make and the commitment we have to the success of our franchise owners, better known as our Strategic Partners.

Step 4: Review Your Marketing Area

Discuss and finalize your unique marketing area within your community.

Step 5: Finalization Stage

Review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and complete a routine background and credit check.

Step 6: Welcome to the WIN Family!

Sign the Franchise Agreement, meet the largest support team and begin the onboarding process.

Franchise Inquiries

If you’re a veteran eager to explore the possibilities of franchise ownership with WIN Home Inspection, we encourage you to reach out to us. You can contact us via email at or give us a call at (800) 967-8127. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you at every step of the way, from your initial inquiry to the exciting moment you join our franchise family.

At WIN Home Inspection, we take immense pride in our position as the #1 ranked and fastest-growing home inspection franchise in the U.S. by Entrepreneur magazine. But what truly sets us apart are the unique aspects and unwavering commitment that veterans bring to our franchise.

As we celebrate National Veterans Small Business Week, it’s important to highlight the unique attributes that make WIN Home Inspection the preferred choice for veterans seeking a path to entrepreneurship. Our commitment to excellence, comprehensive support, and dedication to the success of our franchise owners align seamlessly with the qualities that veterans bring to our franchise. We stand ready to empower veterans and all aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them build prosperous businesses and meaningful careers in the home inspection industry.

Ready to Embark on an Exciting Journey with WIN?

Take the first step toward personal and financial freedom by filling out the interest form. One of our franchise advocates will be in touch with you soon!

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