Why Veterans Make Successful Franchise Business Owners

November 2, 2020

One-third of WIN Home Inspection franchise owners are veterans and first responders. What makes this number so high? The answer is simple. Given their unique background and skillset learnt in the military, veterans possess the ideal mindset for successful franchise business ownership. Here are a few reasons why we think veterans make successful franchise business owners:

Training Experience Helps Veterans Succeed as Franchise Owners

During the armed forces training, veterans go through rigorous training in practically all aspects of life. Because they are used to undergoing training on an ongoing basis, they enthusiastically participate in the formal training needed to start their franchise business.

Starting a new franchise business requires franchisees to come up the learning curve in the core field and other business aspects. It also requires an understanding of the rules and guidelines of the franchise system. Because veterans are taught to learn and adjust to things quickly, which sets them up well for picking up the rules of business with ease.

Leadership Skills Developed in the Military

Veterans often understand how to lead, delegate orders, and meet goals. As such, many are confident, highly assertive and proud in their character. These skills translate well into the business world because staff need to be trained and led towards the common goal of business success.

Team Oriented Approach to Business

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A very important consideration for owning a franchise business is the team approach. This is because in a franchise system, business owners learn and grow with other franchise owners and tremendous support from the franchisor. Veterans often greatly value that team dynamics, which is extremely helpful when interacting with the franchisor office, and their customers. This leads to a very high customer retention rate. In addition, WIN Home Inspection adopts a team-first mentality which make us one of the best franchise opportunities for veterans to pursue.

Discipline and Work Ethic

Owning a business is hard work and takes a lot of discipline, especially while working on a set timeline (such as a business launch date). Veterans often do well because many have a good work ethic and know what it looks like to work hard for something. They also show great discipline when following a chain of command.

Structure In Franchise System

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Franchise business offers a proven structure for the franchisees. This allows them to run their independent business under certain brand guidelines. Moreover, veterans understand the importance of rules, why they exist, and the need to follow them; it is ingrained in their minds as part of their military training.

In essence, franchise ownership makes sense for veterans on many levels: training, a list of rules to follow, camaraderie (with fellow franchisees), and an opportunity to lead.

Our nation’s veterans are hard-working people that often choose to continue to contribute to their communities, even after their time serving. WIN Home Inspection is a great veteran-friendly franchise. We also offer significant support to our veterans and first responders through our WIN for America program, including a 25% discount off the initial franchise fee to thank them for their service.

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